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RFID tags in the commodity in the field of anti-counterfeiting applications

by:JLTcard     2020-11-19
For the emergence of counterfeit goods on the market, tamper-proof RFID tags in this area has played an important role, which can effectively prevent the counterfeit goods, make consumers can buy safe, reliable, guaranteed the high quality products. Exploration and application of RFID anti-counterfeiting technology not only can bring direct economic benefits for the enterprise, also can effectively supervise the relevant state administrative department of the production and operation of enterprises, and it is prohibited to illegally production activities, maintaining the stability of social order and for the sustainable development of national economy provide strong technical support. At the same time, it helps to improve the management efficiency and reduce operating costs. RFID application in security is a very small chip connected to the anti-counterfeiting goods. Using radio frequency (rf) technology to transmit data stored in the chip to the system terminal for recognition is a hot research topic. Without direct contact input and processing information, convenient and quick operation. Can be widely used in need to collect and process the data of production, logistics, medical, transportation and asset management applications. The security principle is: the product identification number ( ID) , namely the anti-counterfeiting code written in the RFID chip. The ID in all aspects of production and sales are unique; Chip made electronic tags, labels on the product, making it a part of the goods. When electronic tags are 'forced' separated from commodities, commodity 'integrity' is destroyed, goods are thought to have been 'consumption', and the end of anti-counterfeiting. In the above steps, using a variety of technical means to ensure that the ID verification process is not fake and forged. If the authentication mechanism is fake, there will be a counterfeit goods; If the verification process been tampered with, the real product will be 'fake' and disrupt the market. So, from the production, circulation to consumption goods throughout the process, only a commodity are identified by a unique ID the only means of verification, so as to achieve the purpose of anti-counterfeiting. The RFID electronic tag ID data is read-only, can't change. Using the same ID in order to prevent the forgers fake electronic label, you can also write in the security label that is associated with the ID 'key', the only secret information to identify the uniqueness of the validation process. Therefore, anti-counterfeit label ID is unique, the chip only encrypted authentication information and strict authentication mechanism can make the long-term effective anti-counterfeiting technology. A few commonly used goods, such as some well-known brands of wine, cosmetics, medical health care products, the emergence of fake and low-quality commodities will seriously affect the credibility of these famous brand goods, affect the country's economic construction, the reverse. 。 。 Fake is very necessary. RFID anti-counterfeiting technology breakthroughs in the past the idea of anti-counterfeiting technology, adopted the new measures, it is difficult to forge, easy to identify, information feedback, the password only, password confidential, one-time use, and so on compared with laser anti-counterfeiting and digital security, the advantages of RFID anti-counterfeiting is: each tag has a unique ID number, in the making when placed in a ROM chip. It cannot be modified, difficult to replicate; No mechanical wear, antifouling; Reader has a physical interface, do not open directly to the end user, to ensure its own security; In data security, in addition to electronic tag password protection, you can also use some algorithms implemented in the data portion of the safety management; Interaction between the reader and electronic tag and other certification process. To sum up: RFID anti-counterfeiting, no matter adopt what kind of method, must ensure the safety of identification equipment. Only in this way can really play a role of anti-counterfeiting.
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