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RFID tags make it easier for management, enterprise profitability of more than one million

by:JLTcard     2020-11-18
With the progress of science and technology and the increasingly fierce market competition, entrepreneurs and pursuit organization and the principle of accurate visual management information. However, today's enterprise management is facing more and more serious challenges and difficulties, can't control the specific and clear data information, lead to business information is missing, wrong, not only failed to profit, and cause serious economic losses, and even business collapse. Today, RFID technology has been highly recognized in the industry on a global scale. It has remote batch read and automatic recognition function, can be all project wireless connections to the Internet. RFID is a kind of process control technology, speed up the data statistics, transmission, query and read, Shared data visualization management, implement production tracking, circulation, inventory and sales each link of scientific information management, and monitoring all aspects. Convenient enterprise managers take macro-control, improve production efficiency and quality. Millions of corporate profits of breakthrough is imminent. ? Why the RFID technology makes it easier to manage, corporate profits more than millions? Here are some application cases for your reference. 1, retail management application: the application of RFID technology organization and tens of thousands of commodity type ordered management, commodity prices, origin, batch, shelves, warehouse inventory and sales, and effectively reduce the out of stock, to ensure product quality, reduce the backlog in improving the utilization ratio of shelves, improve data collection and reduce labor costs and significantly improve the work efficiency at the same time. Application: 2, automatic production line in automatic production line, through the application of RFID technology, can monitor the entire product manufacturing process and management, in addition, in the procurement, inventory management, service, etc. , RFID technology makes the overall efficiency, quality and CS completely improved. 3, warehousing logistics management applications: enterprise logistics management is particularly important if you can't guarantee the normal purchase goods, transportation and inventory control, will bring huge losses to enterprises. ? Warehousing logistics management system based on RFID technology for tracking cargo information platform of recognition, management and inspection. Database management system combined with advanced RFID technology and computer queries, automatic identification information goods. Intelligent information management system of enterprise logistics goods, automatically record the goods outbound information, intelligent warehouse inventory, record and publish the goods status information, output the vehicle status reports, and other functions, effective control of goods information easy management system applications at the same time also greatly save manpower. 4, libraries, art galleries and museums and other social service agencies, the core of the system using RFID technology to realize automatic data acquisition function, combining database and software management system, realize the self-service library, book inventory, shelves, book search, the safety of books, library card management, library card, collect information statistics, etc. Combined with the advanced RFID technology, database technology, combine with the books management system management system, provide readers with more convenient book lending, query and other intelligence services, at the same time record the reader information and library, realize the unified management of the whole process of information. 5, the vehicle management application: the use of automatic vehicle identification technology makes the roads and Bridges and parking fee place such as to avoid the vehicle queuing, reduce the waste of time, thus greatly improve the efficiency of traffic and transportation capacity. ? 6, device management application: in equipment management, RFID automatic identification system equipment in a specific location can be bound to the RFID reader, and in it from the specified position when the reader to record the process. RFID technology is widely used, typical applications: supermarket goods, medicine, animal husbandry, ticketing management, aviation baggage identification, product safety, mobile commerce, logistics management, parking control, production line automation, material management, etc. , the RFID technology makes it easier to manage, your business profits faster. Innovation better intelligence science and technology is committed to providing customers with the industry through innovation of RFID technology leading RFID solutions, to provide a stable, efficient operating system, the function of diversification, information linkage as a whole solutions and one-stop customer service, at the same time, according to the customer demand custom development to expand the brand influence, a substantial increase in profits.
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