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RFID technology application of surgical instrument tracking system

by:JLTcard     2020-11-22
Nearly two years, Copenhagen hospital implemented a use a metal tag RFID surgical instrument tracking scheme. The project director Dr. Eriksen announced in March that the 18-month pilot results: 'through the RFID tracking surgical instruments, shortens the 31000 hours operation process, improve the operation efficiency, improve the quality of control instrument disinfection sterilization. 'Using RFID read-write device scan pallet preoperative preparation, record all surgical instruments. In order to improve the precision of records, reading and writing will be repeatedly scan was carried out on the tray before the surgery. After the surgery, scan pallet surgical instruments determined there was no equipment lost again. RFID read-write device will record the whole disinfection sterilization link scanning instrument disinfection process. During the pilot project, the hospital found that installed in small labels on the surgical instruments will not affect the use of surgical instruments. Tags can withstand more than 1000 times of high temperature and high pressure steam sterilization cycle, and the vast number of labels are on the market at present can't afford such an environment. Compared with the prior to use qr code, RFID read-write device read speed obvious advantages, can be read at the same time a surgery 60 - in the tray 80 instruments. 博士。 Eriksen said: 'compared with the qr code and other types of RFID technology, uhf RFID has no in reading speed and accuracy with all kinds of advantages. Hospital thought, according to the patients to provide high quality service and the hospital leading technology strength, let us realize the tracking surgical instruments and optimize the cost effectiveness of the work flow. 'The success of the pilot project is using RFID automatic tracking surgical instruments to improve the medical security, improve the working process of the traceability of surgical instruments management, by improving the operation efficiency to reduce costs. Other RFID technology in the disinfection management and prevention of infection are also has unique advantages, such as improving patient safety, avoid the loss of assets operation, etc. 'Hospitals are faced with limited resources but the current status of the flourish surgery Surgical instruments automated tracking system needs more urgent,' Caretag Surgical founder Soren Bilsoe said: 'Caretag Surgical operation equipment management system management system to ensure that all the instruments to accurately automation management, establish archives for detailed information such as the patient's surgery, the surgeon, disinfection processes, equipment positioning and use history. 'To return to
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