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RFID technology help hospital surgical instruments disinfection intelligent management

by:JLTcard     2020-11-19
Hospital operating room is the busiest one of the most important department, each surgery affect the medical staff and patients of many people's heart, surgical instrument as the main tool of surgery, is very important. If there is any mistake in operation could cause immeasurable loss. Surgical instruments of intelligent management will bring great convenience, RFID radio frequency identification (RFID) technology is adopted to improve the labels, more quickly identify acquisition ability, this system realizes intelligent management surgical instruments. Most medical institutions have set up the equipment disinfection service center or for medical instrument disinfection supplies department, the surgical instruments with package, prepare equipment need surgery, loan management and medical equipment, and to obtain or purchase instruments, implants, etc. But the service department's main task is to infection prevention and control. Purchasing department according to the standard of strict process ensure that all medical supplies preoperatively by thorough sterilization and disinfection. At the same time to ensure correct tray and cleaning basket of disinfection is an important task of the department. Tray and clean blue is usually considered a serious improperly sterilized medical malpractice, the hospital will take a lot of legal risk. The correct pallet disinfection can reduce the patient's risk of infection and reduce hospital surgical team liability risk. RFID can very good help hospitals in process management, based on each instrument installed electronic labels, providing a real-time accurate automated way of electronic records. RFID does not need hospital introduce new process system, it can seamless docking hospital existing system process, provide every link in process of file information. The system can also automatically update when equipment repair or maintenance. RFID technology to realize the main functions: 1, disinfection purchasing department before surgery, surgical instruments need cleaning after multiprogramming, omission could cause could cause potential safety hazard, and join the RFID automatic identification technology of regulatory measures can effectively solve the problem. 2 match package management, check, surgical instruments, packaging, package sorting of surgical instruments can use RFID read-write device detection in the process of packaging may be missing; 3, operating room equipment management, operation management in the process of the main including preoperative, postoperative counting, doctor verify, every link needs to accurate identification, avoid surgical instruments missing inside the patient serious consequences; 4, comprehensive information management, statistical query, report forms system. Loan management equipment also is very troublesome, the hospital will rent some temporary do not intend to purchase of medical equipment and instruments, hospital cleaning and disinfection of the purchasing department also need the equipment, and identification to ensure that they are better maintenance and conservation. So the use of the equipment are of RFID can also improve the utilization ratio and improve the efficiency of management. To prevent postoperative infection is paid great attention to all medical institutions, hospitals purchasing department through automation of disinfection management process can reduce and avoid infection, strictly control all surgical instruments after disinfection and drying, ensure the proper storage and use of surgical instruments. RFID can realize automation intelligent management of the entire sterilization process, the hospital USES RFID after comprehensive management of surgical instruments, only need to via the RFID electronic tag reading and writing can be within a few seconds to read all of the equipment, by automatically collected the data can be used to analyze blind spot and gaps in the management process, and form the basis for quality improvement and obtain certification. return
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