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RFID technology in mechanical production framework how to implement the management

by:JLTcard     2020-11-21
With the rapid development of artificial intelligence, intelligent automation become the focus in the field of manufacturing. Smart market demand rising, diversification of production, intelligent robots have also become one of the core construction; High risk factor of production, is particularly important. RFID technology fast accurate manipulator acquisition, in today's intelligent manufacturing information integration trend, the RFID technology greatly reduce human input, improve the efficiency of the control. RFID technology in mechanical production framework how to implement the management. Manipulator application field more and more, particularly in those who produce harm to personnel, so the manipulator parts varieties are varied, output increases. Facing the complex and various mechanical parts varieties and large quantity, the traditional production management way is to use the manual for the production management of mechanical parts, work efficiency is the key to the staff, so the employees of manipulator in the working process of the product information about reading and identify the parts of quickness, accuracy will have an impact, but the end result is affect the work efficiency and even quality of mechanical parts. Facing the manipulator of the existing management status, try to use automatic identification technology to improve the management of the mechanical parts. RFID technology in mechanical parts on the production line, automatic control and monitoring products, will greatly increase the speed and accuracy, improve the work efficiency, improve the methods of production, cost savings. RFID tags on the mechanical parts production line can be accurately record the process information and operation information, meet the needs of flexible production. The workers work number, time, records of the results of operation, quality inspection, fully realize the traceability of production, also can avoid the production environment handwritten, see information caused by the error. By identifying the model of RFID label on the assembly line information to judge whether the parts for assembly model, if it is, spends waiting for assembly next procedure, if not, will filter out. Currently, the main mechanical parts warehouse management is based on the corresponding specification manual work and computer automation management implementation, its drawback is the need to invest a lot of the placement of manpower for standard items, sorting inventory and out/warehousing registration work regularly. This makes the complicated mechanical parts warehouse management problems, waste a lot of time, and warehouse management system based on RFID technology of mechanical parts design is to realize the items/inventory control, items location and quantity of statistics and information query process automation, convenient management statistics, query and master the material flows. In each tray in and out of the manipulator parts warehouse put a RFID electronic label, on the door to the in and out of the warehouse are equipped with RFID read-write device, each warehouse administrator has a RFID handset. So before each batch of manipulator parts warehousing, warehouse administrator with RFID hand-held scanning each tray manipulator parts of RFID electronic tag, mechanical parts, when the tray of the manipulator parts into the warehouse, the door of RFID, speaking, reading and writing will be put on the label of the manipulator parts information directly read out, in the computer. Background information management system will automatically generate record, and accurately record the manipulator parts on which position of the warehouse, no longer appeared to shipment, need to warehouse personnel rows at the job. If someone will launch warehouse tray, the background system will immediately show these mechanical parts out of the storehouse, and automatically generate time record. So as not to appear due to the negligence of warehouse staff forgot to put the information into the computer, after the problem is difficult to check the data of trouble, and if the warehouse personnel itself won't computer operation will not produce for information management problems. RFID technology application will assist manipulator parts warehouse management work perfectly, become a carrier of information collecting zone. RFID technology for more intelligent and flexible mechanical arm, constantly optimize the management of each operation link, reduces the management process errors caused by many factors. A large number of save Labour cost, improve work efficiency. return
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