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RFID technology in the integrated management of ascension in the archives management

by:JLTcard     2020-11-21
RFID technology as the key core of the application of Internet of things technology, industrial automation, business automation, transportation control management, and other industries, the RFID technology can be seen in various fields. Archives is a kind of important information resources, and file management importance cans be imagined, improve their own management mechanism, the archives management as the key role of intangible assets in enterprise management. The use of RFID technology to archive management has realized the automatic and intelligent, to the routine of archives storage, query, borrowing, return, security and other specific business can make real-time management. RFID technology in the integrated management of ascension in the archives management. RFID technology, the radio frequency identification (RFID) technology, is a non-contact automatic identification technology, through radio frequency signal automatically identify target, and get the relevant data. Compared with bar code, RFID technology has many characteristics, such as waterproof, antimagnetic, high temperature resistant, in improving the efficiency of inventory file, find, protect the safety of archives has significant advantages. Can rely on the RFID technology archives intelligent warehouse management system of marriage, notarization, documents and other files for intelligent management, realize the physical security of archives, efficient management and utilization. But the archives management system based on RFID technology is sensitive to environmental factors, so some subtleties could affect the efficiency of reading labels. In the archive, dense iron plate is the first factor of RFID signal interference, if the label directly attached to the iron archival entity will significantly affect the rate of reading. So we can modify reader and tag chip, test, to make them more matching, thus effectively solve the problems. In order to optimize the reading effect, we also can fine adjustment regarding the label position and distance; Consider how to read and write, tabbed environment interference signal collision problem, to compare the different models and parameters of equipment test. The information in the database can be written to a tag or label information into database, and then for the file management information system to provide data to support the use of the function. Compared with the traditional archive management mode, the system is to improve the management of the archives management overall ability, reduce the error rate, realize data sharing and improve the efficiency, simplify the management of archives management process, reduce the labor intensity of the staff, provides the file management more convenient, more effective management model, improve service levels, enhance the comprehensive strength of management. The intelligence of the RFID technology file management will greatly improve the efficiency of the collection file management, in the management of speed increase, also have the quality to accuracy. Reduce the archives management costs, and also provides a more efficient way. RFID intelligence archives management in the value of archives to the biggest, the RFID technology and a spring in the archives management. return
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