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RFID technology in the retail industry highly sought after

by:JLTcard     2020-11-21
With the in-depth application of RFID in all walks of life, people's attention to the RFID is higher and higher. According to an international survey conducted a survey on RFID usage, clothing and general merchandise retailer in the application of RFID tag a coppi's posture, the main reason is to improve the inventory identification, and for the total retail channel can be immediately respond to the demands of consumers. RFID in the retail industry are so popular, and had a lot to do with retailer's demand, the demand of the retail enterprise value most including profits, sales, business intelligence the three large. RFID can help this part of the enterprises to reduce inventory, improve product inventory accuracy, lead to higher efficiency operation result. To meet the needs of the retailers. From two characteristics, technology and application of RFID technological advantages, has strong complementary to retail industry characteristics, the retail industry meet the advantages of the application of RFID mass, two domain characteristics to achieve the complementary advantages, mutual promotion development reached. RFID application in the retail sector is mainly focused on the supply chain management, inventory management and store goods management, customer relationship management and safety management in five aspects: 1) Supply chain management: the first to use RFID in the retail industry, is also the current RFID use of a field. 2) Store goods management: currently, most department stores and supermarkets are concentrated on some easy stolen or valuable goods. 3) Inventory management: the main content of the RFID application in inventory management including the use of fixed or mobile reader to scan in and out of the warehouse and warehouse shelves of goods, improve the goods in and out, picking, stocktaking work efficiency; Upstream suppliers improve inventory visibility, timely delivery; Combined with the store shelves automatic replenishment system, timely replenishment, to optimize the inventory. 4) Customer management: mainly concentrated in the RFID application self-service checkout two aspects to improve customer in-store shopping experience. 5) Security management: mainly concentrated in the RFID application commodity anti-theft, followed by using RFID identification number instead of the right to use the original password control IT equipment or some important departments of access rights. For RFID uniquely identify methods and technical features, has huge benefits for retailers and suppliers, and customers; It in an efficient manner, make the supply chain system can be more simple and easy, automatically tracking goods dynamic, let the true automation management. In addition, the RFID for retail advanced provides a convenient way of data collection, convenient customer transactions, efficient mode of operation, quick and discerning decision-making method, etc. The benefits of bar code technology can't replace. return
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