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RFID technology power car assembly line

by:JLTcard     2020-11-18
Hyundai's diversification and individuation requires a car assembly line to assemble different models of cars, so they need of automobile assembly line assembly data collecting work strict control, and the traditional data acquisition work is mainly rely on manual sampling mode or barcode mode, this way there are assembly data collection is not timely, low collection efficiency, great error in the data such as faults, in order to solve this problem, to apply RFID technology to automobile assembly line, in order to realize the car assembly process for the timely and accurate collection of the information of the assembly, the car assembly process information. Analysis of RFID technology in the strategy of RFID technology in the automobile assembly line and the feasibility of the successful application of automobile assembly line needs to consider management two aspects, both be short of one cannot. Therefore, to analyze emphatically the RFID technology application in the vehicle assembly process strategy. 1, the specific implementation of RFID technology in the automobile assembly line in the first place, in the RFID technology in the automobile assembly line, the RFID tags are placed on the bearing body of tray and can be moved along with the tray, so that it can form a database, and the database can along with the assembly, the assembly line according to the demand of enterprise production management and assembly process in the related position, speaking, reading and writing implement and complete the assembly of the car, at the same time, guarantee the accuracy of assembly. Secondly, in order to make the read/write device can quickly and effectively to read the information in the label should be label puma as far as possible to reach standard, reasonable and applicable, the only requirement, so coding should be simplified as far as possible, avoid too long. In terms of device management, speaking, reading and writing code, in order to better position to read and write device, coding should be read and write and to read and write in workshop, combining the location information. Installed on the tray of the capacity is much higher than the bar code labels, but its capacity is limited, and when label too much information stored in the read and write speed will also be affected, so that the information in the label should not contain assembly information, and should be read and write device code positioning assembly vehicle information, label code and industrial information to get the assembly information. Finally, because the vehicle within a certain time in the future development trend is more personalized and quality requirements higher, so the assembly line must avoid all kinds of mistakes, so in order to test the correctness of the assembly, on the key points in addition to install, speaking, reading and writing, should also be set auxiliary, speaking, reading and writing to help identify key parts assembly workers. 2, RFID technology in the automobile assembly line management standard in the first place, the assembly workers should make sure that the label was not read when the label will read not with metal or other objects that affect the mixed together to be read or written to implement read area, because it will read the labels of written produce certain effect, and even lead to the failure to read. Second, with the help of key components location should also avoid related tags of key parts in the main, speaking, reading and writing within the scope of work of, because it can lead to read and write device reads the body tag failure due to misread parts label. Finally, employees may not bring mobile phone, bluetooth and other communications equipment into the workshop of the deployment of the RFID system, this is because the wireless signal from the communications equipment and various kinds of electromagnetic waves can cause interference to the normal work of the read/write device. return
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