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RFID technology power farms open up new territory

by:JLTcard     2020-11-19
With the rapid development of economy, the rapid increase of people's living standard, consumer diet produced very big change, such as meat, eggs and milk nutrition to increase demand for food, food quality and safety are very big concern. Need for meat product quality and safety traceability mandatory requirements are put forward. Breeding based data source management is the management system, RFID technology transfer data acquisition data, timely and efficiently is one of the key links in the normal operation of the whole system. RFID electronic ear tag is livestock farms all data validity is the most basic medium. For each cow to establish a single identifiable 'digital id' RFID electronic ear tag. In the process of beef breeding, production, the European developed countries have adopted the advanced breeding, production management system, the cultivation, production process and product quality in strict management. To some extent, in food safety management in the industrial chain of beef, cow breeding should be the most important link. Breed tache of breeding personnel to make effective management, guarantee to the cow in the process of breeding electronic management. So as to achieve the whole breed tache to informationization, and part of the automation of management. Meat in the breeding, production, transportation and sales of quality and safety management system construction work, especially meat production enterprise of traceability system construction, and successively in breeding cattle, pigs, chickens, successful implementation of the production process. Aquaculture management system can help enterprises to realize information management in aquaculture link, in front of industry, the public good brand image, improve product competitiveness, and through the management means to enhance the level of the management control of the base of peasant household and achieve a win-win situation and sustainable development. Beef cattle breeding management system is a system engineering, will achieve the following goals: basic goal: to realize information management of breed tache, build electronic information files for each head of cattle. Use of information technology, biological safety control technology, remote monitoring, early warning technology and other new dragon pattern for healthy aquaculture farming management information model; Promotion management: the enterprise implements the optimal management of breed tache, create positions proportional amount, the be clear at a glance to breed tache of personnel management; On this basis, the easy to dock with the existing enterprise information management system, to realize the information construction of enterprises; Market development: implementation of cooperative farms or farmers and their product information management, help improve the breeding farms or farmer management technology, can realize standardized management, epidemic prevention immune process to realize the standardization of the breeding management, ensure the cooperation of fattening cattle repurchase information can check the traceability, accomplish know fairly well the process of cooperative breeding, to ensure the safety of the enterprise product quality, finally to ensure the long-term win-win situation, to form the community of the interests of the company + peasant household. Brand: implement strict traceability management system for high-end customers, the terminal stores, compartments to set up the query machine, enhance brand image, to attract the high-end crowd. Ones with cattle identification: with cattle ear mark as long as through breeding access channel, do not need to stay by nature, the system will automatically identify the cattle ear tag can quickly record the cattle with time in and out of the circle. Infrared numeration function: when the ones for grazing cattle, through the breeding of entrance guard system, the system will record by infrared entrance guard system on the day of the ones with the bulls and number and into the circle the number of cattle, through the ear tag and can know is which a cow into the ring and ones. Breeding management function: when the keeper to the cattle are grazing, brush with identity card must be farmed entrance guard to open the channel, channel management system for cattle grazing work, so I will for their keepers, liability management, which reached a person or a circle of people in work. Real-time data management: all the number of data, real-time transmission, from the cattle, through to the data, the number of statistics, the number of statements immediately, achieve real-time monitoring circle and circle the number of cattle. RFID beef cattle breeding management system platform is applied to the automatic identification and control of the beef cattle, for each batch and each head of cattle of all kinds of information collection in processing. Collected through the RFID technology and production and processing procedures of visual management, processing and marketing of information identification in the process of tracking and tracing, the livestock for food safety and health management, has very important practical significance and value. return
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