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RFID technology power of traditional manufacturing intelligent manufacturing

by:JLTcard     2020-11-20
Nowadays, more and more consumers choose customized solutions when shopping. For manufacturers, that means they are unique products made of many. Predictably, the factory in the future, a production line will be installed a different model, the production line will have all kinds of information, each device are constantly report status, how to accurately identify in the process of production of a product, manufacturing in the diversity of information collection, is critical to manufacturing enterprises. By using RFID technology to improve production processes, and can implement to manufacture the product tracking all the way, this approach has also been in the manufacturing industry to obtain the very good promotion, and made great effect. Traditional barcode at present a lot of traditional manufacturing companies to track parts when using bar code technology, bar code only store identification information, however, for tracking solution is too cumbersome, not reliable enough. All parts but RFID tag can contain one of historical records and it will install all of the information of products. In addition, the bar code must be read by manual, and each can read only a single, RFID tag is only need a RFID read-write device can be easily operation, even after be installed this part can be read. Therefore, in all the information in the RFID tags can be anywhere within a few seconds to be easily read. RFID tags help traditional manufacturing intelligent 'smart' more traditional manufacturing industry belongs to the typical type of work, technology and materials for mass production process, nowadays with the development of individualized product ( Buyers can for cars, running machine and other customized) , almost every product has some personalized place, therefore, it is necessary in the production of the whole process of the application of RFID technology to realize transparent. Make the workers during the installation process can verify the product at any time all needs to be installed on the parts. And before the RFID tag technology appeared, the product only at the end of the validation to check, and is a visual check and check using paper list. RFID tags in improving the product transparency at the same time, also is more advantageous to enterprise's production as a whole. Workshop project manager, for example, more needs to be more than technical staff information from different aspects. Whereas the RFID tags could reduce the blind spot production scheduling, help project managers understand the obstacles in the process of production workshop, and at the right time took reasonable solution in a timely manner. RFID can popularize must also say 'cost' and the other technologies, the application of RFID technology in the production, there is a big advantage, with the continuous development of the technology and the popularization, the performance will have greatly increased, safe hidden trouble also will gradually ease. RFID technology will become the mainstream of intelligent manufacturing and intelligent management. But like many new technologies in manufacturing often appear as is the case, the question of whether or not to use RFID tags down finally there is a key factor: cost. According to reports, journal RFID passive RFID tag cost will probably be 0. 08 -- 0. $9. Obvious, the size of tag usage result will be different, and for a large manufacturing enterprise, even if just 8 cents each parts, together is not a small number, especially in the development of enterprise bad, more difficult to decide. The price of RFID tags may only need to reach a tipping point, for example, if each label 5 cents. Through the application of RFID technology, manufacturing enterprises to improve the efficiency of more than the cost of the extra spending, so the RFID seems to become a problem. return
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