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RFID technology power world conference on foot

by:JLTcard     2020-11-18
The 12th world conference on foot will held in qinhuangdao, China on May 15. This will open intelligent foot 'core' era, upgrade the participants wear movement refers to the card, to finish the second born card electronic grade book, let participants experience a convenient Internet technology brings to the leisure sports. RFID movement refers to the CARDS, electronic grade certificate is steep! Each contestant fingers will no longer be calm. Participants wear movement refers to the CARDS, mobile phone number when using a registration upon completion, walk the quoted line mileage, the system automatically upload data and moving track diagram to China's dynamic network database, electronic grade certificate immediately generated. Movement refers to the card based on RFID technology, RFID ( 无线电频率识别) Technology is the radio frequency identification, also called electronic labels, radio frequency identification (rfid), is a kind of communication technology, can identify specific target by radio signal and read and write the related data, without identification system and establish a mechanical or optical contact between specific objectives. Movement refers to the card is the only card number, can store the start and end time, each movement refers to the card can store multiple point and destination point mark time. return
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