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RFID technology to identify the refrigerating vaccines

by:JLTcard     2020-11-20
Not frozen vaccine after hundreds of millions of yuan into 18 provinces cause social panic, the news of the vaccine is a fragile biological products and is sensitive to temperature requirements, from transportation to storage needs to be refrigerated. But as a consumer, how to identify whether the vaccine used remained frozen state, or whether it is really a vaccine, it is indeed a worrying problem. But a recent technology may put an end to your concerns. NFC smart tags through the built-in temperature sensor system, can be recorded and stored in the process of drug transport to the application of temperature change history, and the corresponding time node. And each tag has a unique ID, record labels can be read by NFC mobile scanning, uploaded to the cloud, build electronic medical records. Besides can track the temperature change of the products, can also be used to identify the authenticity of a product, use of the near field communication technology, it can also identify the syringe opened before and after the open state, provide different information guidance. By according to the product research and development of the APP, scanning tag can understand the authenticity of the product, use method, injection time, matters needing attention and so on. In kaifeng, the tag can remind patients injections on schedule, and will feedback the information to the doctor, the doctor told the patient using time and frequency of usage, patients by smartphone medication syringe contact information, will interact with cloud equipment self-help therapy in patients with records. return
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