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RFID technology to make the brand clothes anti-counterfeiting more simple

by:JLTcard     2020-11-21
Have some clothing is even on the Internet, such as Pharrell Williams hat can send Twitter, and Mark Zuckerberg hoodies have similar features. In the future, your clothes might will have an online identity, even if it does not make your clothes become a celebrity. Iot Evrythng and packing co. , Avery Dennison cooperation, will bring some jacket and shoes Evrythng software functions. The two companies have high hopes for Janela intelligence product platform, the next three years from the birth of the platform products will reach 10 billion units. The system can send a simple form of the Internet of things to reach the hands of millions of consumers, even they did not deliberately for the Internet of things technology and consumption. Evrythng with Avery Dennison and don't want to put your clothes into 'web celebrity', their goal is to make these clothes is more practical. Their actions may make a favorite product is harder to fake, at the same time they may also will bring interesting features for consumers. When a dress or a pair of shoes from the production line, it will enter into Janela platform for some of the new logo, and then the logo will be permanently associated with these clothes or shoes. The system can provide the identity of the including rfid tags, bar code and qr code labels, etc. After have these logos, clothing and shoes can differentiate themselves with some of the clones on the market. The OECD estimates that global fake goods trade volume in 2013 reached $461 billion. Imagine, if a product since the 'birth' has a unique identity, the clouds so it will be difficult to have a fake product. Sports brand will become the main target market of the system. The national retail federation estimates last year at the end of the vacation fake return will cause loss of $22 million. And the product will carry data generated by the via Janela, including on where and when to buy, thus ensuring the product harder to fake. Consumers use mobile applications to understand the history of the products they buy, including where it is made from, by what kind of material production and its distribution location, etc. After buying products, consumers can also use applications access to preferential associated with the product and service. Janela platform will also offer to order products and functions of purchase related products, in the end where they will also provide how to collection and recycling of these products information. London-based Evrythng was founded in 2011, already has obtained including the cisco and samsung investment return of these enterprises
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