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RFID technology will bring about retail innovation storm

by:JLTcard     2020-11-22
With the improvement of living standards, consumption behavior has become increasingly diverse, people has the higher request to the business services, the traditional retail industry will be more and more problems emerged. This inevitably put forward higher request to the retail industry, the retail enterprises must seek new transformation. RFID technology can realize automatic, no identity in the line of sight range. RFID technology is applied in retail, will start a new business innovation. Especially in the settlement or logistics link, using RFID technology without on each piece of goods to read bar code labels, time, greatly improving the work efficiency. Compared with bar code memory, RFID has large improvement, to give each product a unique id information, read and write with sensor, easy access to the location of each product. In addition, RFID can be applied in such aspects as anti-counterfeiting, settlement, the fitting room, provide users with better consumer experience. As retail to combine with new technology applications, RFID will and cloud computing, big data and other technical combination of business model will appear all sorts of innovation, finally to bring a full range of retail revolution. The application of RFID technology can make retail supply chain system can be more simple and easy, automatically tracking goods dynamic, to realize the automation of real, RFID also provides retail with advanced and convenient data acquisition, convenient customer transactions, efficient mode of operation, quick and discerning decision-making tools, etc. , for retailers and suppliers, and customers bring huge benefits. Therefore, such as wal-mart, decathlon, macy's retail giant, increase the investment in RFID. A Frost & amp; Sullivan, a new report, says 2014 to 2020 period, the retail industry RFID reader, tag and software will be sold from 7. 3. 8 billion dollars to 54. 0. 9 billion dollars, with an average annual growth rate will reach 38. 9%. It also fully shows that the RFID in the retail industry has great potential. In decathlon RFID technology, RFID products not only for decathlon goods inventory, security, but also can be used for the settlement: consumers carry the shopping cart to the cashier, real-time scanning RFID tags, calculate the total price within a few seconds. RIFD let decathlon cashier efficiency increased by 15%; For RFID five-fold increase in efficiency for inventory; Due to the shortage of rate is reduced, bring sales growth is higher than 2. 5% of the retail enterprise, is necessarily breakthrough progress. Now, decathlon global factories, warehouses and stores began to deploy RFID read-write device and labels, has 25000 fixed and mobile ultra-high frequency RFID products put into use in 35 countries and regions. These products make retail work more smoothly and save a lot of time, so that customers have more time to focus on its main business. Application of RFID technology in the retail inventory, return, guard against theft, cashier process gradually achieve digital logistics management, such as believe in the near future, RFID will bring retail earth-shaking changes. return
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