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RFID to open a new chapter of intelligent manufacturing technology

by:JLTcard     2020-11-21
RFID intelligent production is to use novel, comprehensive, advanced and intelligent production management, through the Internet of things all kinds of technology to collect data. RFID automatic induction acquisition technology to realize the material inventory, transportation, product testing, especially the process control of production process, efficient management to optimize the whole production line. Application of RFID technology in the production control, intelligent production line visualization. RFID to open a new chapter of intelligent manufacturing technology. In the traditional manufacturing industry, relative to the current widely used bar code technology, the RFID electronic tag has several advantages in nature. To the advantage of the RFID electronic tag include: multiple tags at the same time to read; Wireless remote reading and writing; But penetrating, speaking, reading and writing; Can read and write in high-speed mobile; Store more data information; Can be used in harsh environment, etc. RFID technology is not only simple to replace bar code technology, its application in manufacturing industry will change the manufacturing production mode of operation of the enterprise. RFID technology has been used in manufacturing industry of the supply chain management, warehouse management, material management, etc. Production line of visualization is to make the enterprise management in real-time found in raw product and production lines running condition, the system is mainly composed of lines, RFID data collection system, the products and the location of several parts. Move in raw products on the assembly line, arrived at the station by the workers to remove the recycled product parts assembly, put it back again after the completion of assembly line, until he finished all the process. The system mainly includes two fixed RFID read-write device. Each in the raw products combined with the RFID electronic tag. RFID production control process: in the raw products, with the RFID electronic tag in order after the RFID read-write device and RFID read-write device B, RFID read-write device reads the RFID electronic tag on the product information, and upload the data to PC system, and then judge the completion of the raw product and operation situation of each station. When in s products after the RFID read-write device antenna. A, B, and without the RFID read-write device antenna shows that the label binding products production long time too much. System according to set the time in advance, compare and alarm prompt. In the measurement of the raw product is through real-time access to the RFID electronic tag data on the raw product, to determine the products of the location and the process has been completed. Assuming a living with N process in production line, is born in the monitoring production status of the product is as follows: 1, in the raw products online, according to the requirements of the born in product manufacturing, determine the process number N, and determined the location order ( 123. 。 。 n) Generate a binary code, starting from the lowest order on behalf of its passing completion status of the workstation, complete is 1, unfinished be 0. When the products online, the initial value of 0. 2, put the code into the RFID electronic tag and binding in raw products. 3, in the raw product each working procedure and leave the station, modify the corresponding code. 4, the RFID electronic tag read code, can determine the complete process and the process is completed. Process control goal is according to the product information, static or dynamically determine the raw product assembly route and assembly, whose basic principle is: the real-time detected after the raw product information, according to the assembly line set by the control system and the way of assembly, generate routing instructions and assembly. System is mainly composed of RFID data collection system, the controller, kanban and path choice of actuator. In the products assembly line can be drawn up before the static routes, also can be launched after the temporary change of dynamic route. Using the concept of 'virtual production line', to each product in raw allocate a virtual production line. According to the requirements of the born in product assembly, generate the virtual line. Born from the RFID electronic tag on the product code and virtual assembly line binding, then put the label and binding in raw products. When the raw products to multipath selection, reading and writing the born in product code to read the label, and according to the information in the virtual production line, the next station is determined. The advantage of this algorithm is, when you need to change in the raw product manufacturing process, the need to change the controller virtual production line and the location of storage, easy to assemble path dynamic control. In the field of intelligent manufacturing, RFID technology to realize the production process and traceability, production tracking and counting of intelligent control. In the manufacturing process of production line management, so as to improve the visualization of the workshop manufacturing process and control level, increase production efficiency. return
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