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RFID traceability of meat meat more at ease

by:JLTcard     2020-11-22
Recently, in Beijing, zhejiang and other places close more live poultry market, to be followed by a 'white birds'. 'White birds,' is to point to in supermarkets can buy at ordinary times, after the slaughter of poultry after cold storage. After years of efforts, listed in the 'white birds' class exercises slaughter at designated points and products, poultry irregularities, such as SiTuLanZai gradually get stop, listed on the meat quality and meat safety was improved. 'However, there is still a certain problem. 'Multimedia technology institute, south China agricultural university agriculture tong-lin zhu said that is difficult to judge the quality of the' white birds ', 'white birds' is after slaughter processing, they are difficult to make general public health issues, in addition, the 'white birds' increase in the number of sales of circulation than live poultry. Using science and technology and informatization management means to centralize and slaughter of poultry, has become to prevent the spread of highly pathogenic avian influenza by market segment. Tong-lin zhu said the RFID chip embedded technology is also called radio frequency identification (RFID), has been applied to multiple products, slaughtered in poultry production, transportation, and sales stage using FRID chip records, can better solve the problem of 'white birds' can be traced back. Tong-lin zhu is introduced, the concrete operation is in breeding stage, in poultry foot ring or wing embedded RFID chips, through radio frequency (rf) technology, the poultry breed, feed feed, feed time information such as the input to the chip, when in concentrated slaughter of poultry, the concentration of killing time, place, and detection of information input to chip in, in the preservation, transportation, sales link all need to add the information of the important and responsible persons to chip in. When consumer is buying 'white birds', through simple handheld RFID chips scanning instruments, can read internal information to decide which one to buy 'white birds'. If it is found that have bought the white birds' quality is bad, can trace each link at any time the responsibility of the manufacturer, to ensure that people can eat safe meat on the table. return
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