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RFID tracking cylinders

by:JLTcard     2020-11-21
In liquefied petroleum gas company store distribution center, pudong new area into the filling line, I saw one recycled air bottle after cleaning, line up through the detection of a machine, screen shows the cylinder data information, including weight, testing information, and whether there is abnormal, etc. , there is also a important information, is the electronic label code cylinders. After the test, air bottle will enter the filling line, by a automation equipment for liquefied petroleum gas filling. And on the artificial filling line, workers will use handheld devices to detect the related data of cylinders. In an assembly line in new cylinder into the store distribution center, is a different story: the workers will be the new gas cylinders after registration, as the spray on the cylinder electronic label code, electronic label. The electronic label have the only encoding, will follow the new cylinder into the filling line, to the daily life of the ordinary citizens of Shanghai. According to introducing, pudong new area store distribution center has nearly 6000 cylinders, they all have uniform cylinders in Shanghai electronic tags. Like this store distribution center, Shanghai gas business co. , LTD. There are two. 'After the cylinder of the electronic label, we feel a lot more convenient than before, not only management cost decreased, the security and more secure. 'The store distribution center is responsible for told reporters with a smile to face. Electronic tags, usually referred to as wireless rf label ( RFID) , is a kind of automatic storage, exchange information, target recognition function data carrier, is an indispensable key iot development foundation should use technology. Safety management of the electronic label was applied to the cylinder, it is an important innovation of Shanghai, also got 23 March 22 solstice in cylinders electronic label application training held in Shanghai and stable cross industry standard of the delegates agree and sure. Industry insiders agree that the electronic label was applied to the cylinder safety regulation, can not only improve the level of gas cylinder safety supervision, also conducive to the cylinder safety traceability system construction, is to adapt to the requirements of national laws, regulations and important documents is an important measure. Promote the construction of tracing system on February 20th, yunnan baoshan store oxygen bomb explosion killed one person; As a different pressure and different volume, different structure forms and materials for storage-transpor-tation permanent gases, liquefied gas and dissolved gas, disposable or repeatable inflatable transportable pressure vessel, gas bottle safety is closely related to People's Daily life. Statistics show that nearly 200 million the number of cylinders in our country at present. Large quantity for safety regulation and guarantee of cylinders, the need to constantly with the new technology innovation, especially the safety traceability system construction, regulation is necessary to the security of a cylinder. Last year issued by The General Office of the State Council 'about accelerating important product traceability system of the construction of the opinions of clearly put forward, focusing on the elevator, cylinders and other products, strict implementation of special equipment safety technical archives management system, promote enterprise for elevator product manufacture, installation, maintenance, inspection, product manufacture, the cylinder filling process and inspection process information such as records, establish special equipment safety management traceability system. 'Cylinder electronic label is also part of the Internet of things technology, popularization and application cylinders electronic label, is to carry out the important part of the product traceability system construction under the State Council, has the very good application prospect, vigorously promote is also very necessary. 'The ministry said li-jian wang led the working group on electronic label application group. As special equipment in the world, especially in hazardous chemical gas cylinder, one of the biggest cities in the ownership of Shanghai since 2006, led by pledges inspect bureau in Shanghai, Shanghai science and ChengJianWei, safety bureau, the environmental protection bureau jointly promote the 'million dangerous gas bottle label' practical project of Shanghai municipal government. After four years of efforts, the city of Shanghai more than 400 cylinders of dangerous chemicals has fully realized the electronic label. Projects in pudong district of Shanghai gas business co. , LTD. , pudong new area store the cylinders electronic label application of distribution center, it is in Shanghai of government and project results and microcosm. return
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