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RFID tracking fitting behavior

by:JLTcard     2020-11-21
In order to better analyze customer purchase behavior data, improve sales, boutiques, Canada pilot customer tracking system based on RFID technology, install the RFID electronic tag in the fashion, in a fashion shop install uhf, speaking, reading and writing in the fitting room to track customer try on behavior. Research and development of the system, in 2015 in Toronto last year pilot fashion stores nearly 10 weeks, the system also in several other stores. End of the year, the plan will be in another two boutiques and third-party retail ten points, site installation, specific fashion and fashion enterprises revealed details such as the name of the inconvenience. To better measure specific stores customer purchasing behavior information, seek the RFID system, a feasible tracking solution. For example, the behavior of customer data can be compared with POS data, analyze the customer's buying preferences, linger time ( Customers to buy the amount of time an item) And then buy what goods, etc. In order to reduce the installation cost, the system decided to recommend temporary RFID tracking system to boutiques. RFID read-write device is easy to tear open outfit, the RFID electronic tag paste on the fashion tags, not embedded in the integral card, this track is fashion fitting location, not exposed the customer personal location information. In addition, will also introduce the RFID integral card solutions, so that targeted to provide customers with goods discount information. The solution includes 25 sets of RFID uhf, speaking, reading and writing, read and write using uhf antenna to cover the entire fitting room. Read/write device reads RFID electronic label on the clothing tags, and the information sent over the network to the RFID data processing software. The pilot store area of about 418 square meters. 。 By receiving, parsing middleware location data forwarding to retail analysis software, and then analyze the information, it is concluded that the specific position of valuable information. Buyers try have when choosing a good fashion, the fitting room to read and write device recognition fashion label ID, the ID that is associated with the customer's purchase behavior information. Through data analysis, further information such as the wandering time customers buy a product. Temporary solution can move from one store to another, in order to get effective reuse, compared with the stationary solutions, cost is reduced greatly. According to introducing, the installation of the solution is about three nights. return
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