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RFID UHF tags used in asset management

by:JLTcard     2020-11-19
At present, many companies began searching for the automated management, resource management, especially the emergence of the UHF RFID tags to solve the traditional manual management methods, used for resource management in the management system of UHF RFID tags with RFID resources, RFID tags can be faster resource management, more easily create inventory resources, improving management level and efficiency of the company. 1. What is a UHF RFID tags? UHF RFID technology has the ability of read multiple tags at the same time, strong penetrability, can read and write several times, with large storage capacity, low cost, small volume, easy to use, high reliability, long service life. He was caught the attention of the countries all over the world. When RFID asset management system, it will be to manage electronic label affixed to the assets and quick scan identifier, this in the asset inventory application is very convenient. With the increase of market demand, more and more developers are developing RFID asset management system. 2. UHF RFID application in the asset management of fixed assets management system through the perfect integration with ERP or existing financial system, including a series of fixed assets and subsidiary activity management solutions. By adding resources to cover the entire process, including the daily collection, return of goods, inventory, transfer, demolition and other resources. The solution using RFID/bar code management for each resource type single RFID card/bar code, and for each physical resources to establish a unified 'id card', in order to ensure that the resource name and location, users and other information resources, using the data collector for automatic RFID/barcode recognition, to complete the scene the physical management information collection of information, to ensure that the real information feedback, significantly improve the management of physical advantages. System function modules are divided into basic data, system management, daily resource management, resource inventory, connectivity, visualization, statistical reports, main module of mobile terminal software inventory. From the process, rules and standards to implement the whole process of asset management, the assets of multidimensional management and information analysis, as more companies and institutions to provide more formal management system and information service platform. RFID asset management system including resources to add, move, not activities, dismantling, maintenance and inventory operations, such as cover the resources available, debugging and removal of the entire process. RFID asset management software including add electronic tags and labels before using assets into asset information. Dedicated to reading and writing of RFID device can read the details of the resources and processing it to perform resource tracking. During the resource list and other services to save time and increase speed. Above share the UHF RFID tags in the application of asset management, it is necessary to remind you that the enterprise should pay attention to when choosing UHF RFID tags asset management combination of hardware and software. First of all, the software technology should meet the requirements of the company, so the hardware should choose good quality scanning equipment.
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