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RFID workshop management system

by:JLTcard     2020-11-21
The efficiency of the workshop and quality control, directly affect the profitability of an enterprise. In order to produce better quality products, at the same time, reduce production cost, and reached the requirements of ISO 9000, manufacturers need to more carefully tracking product information and control processes, RFID is a good choice. In the workshop assembly line introduction of RFID technology, RFID is entering the core of the manufacturing process. Through in the workshop layer gradually adopt the RFID technology, manufacturers can directly and continuously to obtain information from RFID capture and link to the existing, verified and industrial strengthen the infrastructure of the control system, and configuration of RFID function of the supply chain coordination, which don't need to update the existing manufacturing execution system ( MES) And manufacturing information system ( MIS) , you can send the accurate, reliable and real-time information, thus creating added value, increase productivity and greatly save investment. System features: because of the RFID technology the visibility reading and tag read characteristics at the same time, more than a one-time reading labels all logistics data, system statistics convenient, timely, accurate, effectively enhance the working efficiency of the production process, the realization of enterprise cost control management, product logistics operation state monitoring management and 'supply - Production - Logistics 'integrated optimization management. Supply process management: the system implementation 'procurement control, order matching, supply cycle control, quality tracking, processing control, goods in transit; The production process management: material cost control, production statistics, piecework statistics. At the same time according to user requirements, the RFID technology can achieve production line equipment parts operation monitoring management; Logistics management: product distribution, order more collaborative, warehouse charge, offer job, first-in, first-out, shortage alarm, unsalable products statistics. Product advantages: 1, the application of separation, multi-channel, speaking, reading and writing up to 32 channels, reduce the hardware of the enterprise information automation production line upgrade costs; 2, specification, speaking, reading and writing device read range area, make sure not to appear wrong reading, the phenomenon of chaos to read; 3, industrial product design, can adapt to different working environment; A good management of RFID system, can greatly improve the efficiency of the workshop, and quality control. return
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