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Rfid wristband is the perfect combination of fashion and RFID technology, which is popular in the party, campaign, ticket, festival, event, vocal concert, etc. In addition to its actual function like access control, payment, identification, it is endowed with more symbolic meanings, such as it represents the image of a company or organization, and it symbolizes the cohesion of a group.

There are many types of RFID wristbands, according to the material are divided into silicone wristbands, fabric wristbands, paper wristbands, Nfc Wristband, PVC wristbands; according to the chip can be divided into HF wristbands, LH wristbands, UHF wristbands. JLTcard can provide various types of wristbands as well as support various customized services for wristbands.

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