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RFID wristbands bring convenience for the life

by:JLTcard     2020-11-18
RFID wristband is wear on your wrist convenient durable intelligent RF card. Wrist strap to wear comfortable, appearance beautiful, ornamental. Wrist strap can be divided into one-time wristbands and reusable wristbands. RFID wrist strap can be used in the cartoon, food and beverage consumption, attendance management, swimming pool, cleaning center, sauna center and entertainment venues, airport packages, package tracking, hospital patient identification, childbirth, baby identification and prison management, management of custody, location location, etc. Function of RFID wristband sample wristbands chips used in medical industry, the patient can be determined, under the condition of a large number of victims at the scene of the disaster, by scanning a wrist strap, for the first time the doctor can determine which patients need surgery, which patients can go to the rear for treatment. And through the scanning send chip of current hospital information, can help doctors determine in advance the operation plan. Flow to the hospital for the first time. Each save a second can save many lives in disaster relief. After preliminary calculations, the wrist strap 'surgery' system, can be disastrous traditional operation efficiency at least three times. The birth of the fine management system for security kindergarten kindergarten is crucial. It will be related to RFID products and voice synthesis technology ( TTS technology) The solution together. Place the locator in wristbands reader and RFID tags, and embedded speech synthesis chip, their ID information and locators, through wristband tag through the reader accurately to prevent collapse into a computer system. And then through the system can clearly reflect the position of the child. And also set up using the voice prompt information in advance to remind timely notify the information. RFID reader installed in a particular location, such as the door of the kindergarten, channels and relatively remote corner, used to receive the domain all the electronic tag information.
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