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RFID wristbands can provide better care for your baby!

by:JLTcard     2020-11-18
New RFID neonatal wristbands can provide better care for the baby, now most hospitals in childbirth will wear mother bracelet, until security out of the hospital, but the label is a physical medium, so it is easy to replace. Despite the obstetrics and gynecology is a 'high alert', but usually does not allow outsiders to enter, the family visit controlled, but in the actual management will encounter all sorts of problems. The baby's security need to be further improved. According to the actual situation of the hospital and management requirements, adopting the advanced Internet technology, RFID better design hospital neonatal wristbands management system that supports large comprehensive hospital of obstetrics and gynecology, maternity and child care and open principles. , centralized management, and implementation of humanized service, determine the management service. RFID neonatal outcomes wrist strap is mainly used for real-time monitoring and mother, system security management and so on, the binding tag only for maternal and infant code, can also be some care physician order information stored in the system. 2 two-way binding has been realized. In addition to matching the mother and baby, the baby also need pairing and nursing personnel. Identify the baby alone there are loopholes in management rules, and it is impossible to prevent malicious human exchange, therefore, best identify new baby and her mother at the same time, and use the same code link biological mother and child. Baby care right is temporary transfer between hospital staff and the mother, the two sides should check to ensure that the right pair of mother and baby at the same time to ensure that only have pair of medical personnel shall have the right to keep the baby outside the safety area. RFID neonatal wristbands can real-time monitoring the mother and baby. When the baby and other mothers or caregivers appear not constrained in the same area, the system will be according to the comparative analysis of information and sound an alarm, if someone deliberately remove labels will alert, comprehensive query can provide detailed mother query according to the wrist strap, the mother's name, bed, baby's date of birth, and history records query function ( Such as alarm events, personalized service, the nursing record) To record the babies and infants. For the mother and relatives, the baby wrist strap has certain commemorative value. At the same time, through technical means to baby features such as baby photo and hand print on wrist band. By building the system, it can provide more personalized service. RFID application in our life is becoming more and more common, not only in the hospital for mother and baby in real-time monitoring, and in a faster data read and write device. As the Internet of things to change our life, RFID will be more and more widely applied
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