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Russia launched online payment platform, NFC payments

by:JLTcard     2020-11-18
Another dual Russian online payment service. Money, announced that it would add NFC apps in the android APP, allows users to realize non-contact payment through the APP. The user will be able to pass another dual. Money in the supermarket, the subway and so on public occasions, the use of mobile phones for contactless payment. To use contactless payment first to update another dual mobile wallet program, after binding credit card mastercard will issue a separate virtual accounts to the user, it is balanced and another dual electronic wallet account. According to Deloitte's annual report, Russia contactless payment grew 138% last year, with more than 600 million units worldwide in 2015 NFC payment ability of the cell phone. The report also pointed out that at present there are more than 4 million merchants in 74 countries support mastercard contactless payment. Gartner research show that global NFC payments users reached 53. 9 million in 2015, and, more importantly, more than 60% of 16 - in Russia User said want to use 35 NFC mobile payment. Yandex. Money is one of Russia's largest online payment services, currently has more than 25 million users and about 12000 new registered account to join every day. In fact, another dual. More Money from the online payment business, pay for online electricity and provide solutions. Yandex. Money is more popular in Russia and cis countries, currently has more than 76000 merchants to use its online payment scheme. Yandex. Money has its own account, why is still introduce mastercard account? Actually another dual is Russia's important gateway station, another dual. Money is the payment business based on the search engine's innovation, is not the main business. Second, although Russia has another dual at present. 金钱、Robokassa Interkassa、UnitPay RBKMoney Oplata。 Com, Wallet One, and many other payment platform, but the use of bank CARDS online payment or in the first place, it and domestic is quite different. In Russia the payment platform and user's quantity and the payment giant is not the same as our imagination, in the case of bank CARDS to pay for the mainstream and the organization cooperation, provide the NFC payment function, can yet be regarded as a attract more users, and enhance competitiveness. return
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