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'Security' is the future direction of RFID

by:JLTcard     2020-11-18
RFID and Internet, large data, artificial intelligence and cloud computing technology has had the profound chemical reaction, which leads to a series of the use of innovation and solution scenario. In RFID rapid development at the same time, people also potential for electronic tag raised some concerns, it also makes 'security' become the main focus of RFID in the future. 'Security' to promote the development of the RFID tag antenna, while RF1D tag antenna is the development direction of diversification. At present, the electronic tag antenna is mainly to the green environmental protection, security, transfer, raw material diversification direction. Special ink used in direct printing antenna on various materials, then put the chip binding. The chip in the RFID tags can have the world's only encoding information, this information can only be read by authorized manufacturer, write and identification. The only global coding information in label can represent the uniqueness of products. Label the world's only encoded information can be sent over the network to the merchant server for validation, to determine the uniqueness of the product. If the product label is damaged, can't read the information, it also means that cannot reproduce information, thus completely inhibit the possibility of an electronic tag transfer. When the label paste on the glass bottle, when waiting for a flat on the surface of the table, the material will be random cracking, and can't completely, to achieve the result of damaged labels, tags and make it difficult to copy. And use special glue system can effectively prevent the secondary heat transfer. In real sense, the electronic label is security. Such tags more environmentally friendly and easy to tear, and thus can prevent reuse and reduce the production cost.
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