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See how RFID uhf technology leading clothing management towards a new level

by:JLTcard     2020-11-18
For a long time, the RFID electronic tag because of their better security, data flow, long service life and convenient read characteristics in the application of domestic retail business is also in full swing. Europe and the United States in cosmetics and jewelry retailers sales more than 60% of products with the RFID electronic tag. 'Application for clothing retail in recent five years of RFID tag antenna, such as electronic jewelry labels, RFID clothing is our performance, including the main body, starting from macy's, then decathlon, to uniqlo, to the sea, the home of rings, especially after deparment store application, retail application of RFID technology in the last three years of close to ninety percent', industry insiders said. The RFID technology can realize the whole life of tracking, improve efficiency and intelligent anti-theft function, can solve the problem of current clothing management faces. 1, high quality logistics, optimize supply chain management warehouse to deliver goods, goods using RFID equipment fast scan, check the scan results and the delivery note, generate and print each cases goods packing list, shipping list or the batch, and records in the database each RFID electronic tag the associated goods delivery, the goods whereabouts, agents number goods such as property and goods flow information. The whole life tracking goods and clothing the standardization of logistics operation, shorten the operation process and operation time, reduce labor costs. At the same time using RFID can minimize the delivery error rate, short delivery error is mainly refers to the original box and packing error problem, these two problems can be through the use of RFID technology to reduce to a minimum. 2, efficient warehouse charge, delivery, inventory operation sample warehouse in one of the most important job is to ensure that the number of books and physical quantity is consistent, when picking or stores stock checking, using RFID inventory rods according to order goods have chosen target quickly and avoid wrong pick, targets. Inventory without one by one operation, to achieve efficient inventory. Using RFID technology to overcome the large sample, inventory time-consuming defect, quickly and easily complete inventory, simple to operate, can easily achieve the accuracy of the goods receiving records and delivery, distribution automation, make the inventory stock does not have missing and loss. At the same time can record sample by sample management system to enter and return the information to everyone, can carry out daily and monthly periods such as statistics, dock with the ERP system for data at the same time, improve the sample management system, the lean enterprise sample management, make full use of big data and cloud platform, realize the sample information transparency. 3, shortage alarm, timely replenishment by RFID sample management system, when there is a shortage of some product sample warehouse, not only can be prompted alarm automatically, can also be subdivided into the model, color, size, and other products, the details of the real management refinement. 4, labels, binding products, effective anti-counterfeiting in the clothing production process, the piece of clothing important attributes such as name, rank, the article number, model number, in the fabric, materials, washing, standards, product number, the inspector number written corresponding RFID electronic tag, such as and attach the electronic tags on the garment. Electronic tags: attachment methods can take into clothing made nameplate or tags, or can be recycled anti-theft hard tags ways and so on. Gifted to each piece of clothing is difficult to forge the only electronic label, can effectively avoid the counterfeit behavior, to solve the security problem of the clothing. 5, smart anti-theft, quick stop uhf RFID read-write implement internal relay output function, namely when uhf RFID read-write device read tag or a particular format, uhf RFID reading and writing will relay closed, triggering the external relay is closed, and start the alarm or alarm indicator light alarm, for RFID security has several situations: clothing store RFID tags, to be recovered in this case, Ann at the gate of the clothing of read and write just read labels will trigger external alarm. RFID tag is not recycled clothing store, clothing store uhf RFID read-write device available for customers to purchase clothing tag, define a byte of data, when the byte 0 said not to buy, rewrite to 1 says it has to buy, when the door of reading, speaking, reading and writing into not rewrite tag, trigger external alarm, and read after the rewrite tag, not trigger external alarm. So it can well solve the misunderstanding caused by tag reading and writing. 6, those statistics, benefit maximization apparel product backlog warehouse is a very headache thing, is obtained by statistical drug RFID sample management system, each product ( Subdivided into the model, color, size) Residence time in the library can quickly find which products unsalable, out-of-season, managers can very quickly make the price decision or change, speed up product sales and capital turnover. At present, many clothing brands are facing the low efficiency of supply chain, human fuzzy challenges such as rising costs and market trend, in the face of massive consignor, return, inventory, sorting task using barcode recognition technology of the time-consuming, laborious, site management model. And just the RFID technology can improve these problems, it can realize automatic production, warehousing logistics management, brand management, channel management, for the garment industry has brought the convenience of administration. return
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