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Shared express box of anti-counterfeiting is realized by using RFID technology such as traceability requirements, etc

by:JLTcard     2020-11-19
Shared cycling, Shared after charging treasure, Shared the umbrella, Shared express box. Electricity river lake is very widespread: property speculation than paper. Three years record-keeping surge, the cost of packing. And huge Courier amount derived a lot of packaging material, one-time use of label paper, adhesive tape and other Courier garbage is also accompanied by a series of environmental problems. Recently, a Shared similar bike rental mode of 'sharing express box' on the tuyere, it abandons the traditional carton, to sell and recycling, and frequent access to capital. Shared express box look like? Shared express box is circular plastic turnover box, using delivery customers in the form of rent for consignment, currently facing are mostly express enterprises, electric business platform, brands and so on. Some boxes loaded positioning system, like sharing a bike, users only need to pay according to the number of days per trip logistics packing, replaces the ownership right to use the common logistics packaging which implements the cycle. Such as 'Shared' box box and the box information such as logistics and service network is a real-time and open, the user can be based on their geographic location call the nearest empty container resources. If the user has closed box, can through the platform at any time, instructs the distance to be collected some recent third-party logistics logistics and cleaning services. That is B side oriented enterprise application scenarios, if when consumers in charge delivery, need to open the plastic box and take out the goods in the cabinet, empty containers will be returned to the express again, also can express the next time the door to retrieve, such as or independent on the corresponding collection points. Also have successful cases can draw lessons from abroad. Finnish designers, outer space plan B, the founder of Jonne Hellgren RePack designed a global sustainable packaging service. After receiving the goods, consumers will return address with the RePack sack into your nearest mailbox, any one does not need the postage, as long as the deposit 3 euros, will return it after packaging, in addition to get the deposit back, still can obtain the exclusive discount code, can be used in next time consumption. The company received bags, recycle. Public information there are from Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands for a total of more than 40 home appliance business is using the service. RePack bags available at least 20 times, reduce the carbon footprint into 8, a 96% reduction in packaging waste generated, the recovery rate is as high as 75%, have saved 50000 shopping bags, thousands of kilograms of packaging waste. Based on loan, Shared box also added more space to imagine. According to introducing, carton boxes Shared with mobile communication technology, data collection and analysis technology, RFID, temperature, acceleration sensor, and intelligent cloud open, and other functions, to achieve security, traceability and monitoring requirements. So far, carton box sharing have been deployed across the country nearly 200 service outlets, service in the bulk liquid, fresh fruits and vegetables, to the nearest postal express delivery, flowers, cold chain, and car accessories and so on six big industry box and build down demand of users. Open to the user in addition, the platform also empty tank full of distribution and utilization, turnover days, lost loss rate analysis all kinds of data, such as freight convenient user in real time to view the status. When packing mobile path deviation, 'Shared' box box can real-time warning, provide users immediate attention and intervention. return
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