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Shenyang RFID library system

by:JLTcard     2020-11-20
Holding a piece of shenyang library card readers, shenyang citizens can lead to borrow and return in nine district library; You can open the doors of the self-service library after it closes late in the main hall all night reading a book; Can self-help borrowing on the RFID system has 500000 books; Can borrow books in the bookshop, library to help you pay for, and so on. Digital library: borrow and return early this year, through the digital library builds the basis of software and hardware platform, shen figure has with nine district library resources 'inter-library loan, also greatly made the reader. Now you are in shen borrow the book, can return in shenyang nine district near the library. According to introducing, the future will also implement the municipal library and area ( City) County branch libraries at all levels and communities, villages and towns library loan and return service, realize the book resources sharing in the true sense. In addition, shen figure also provides telephone voice, SMS cloud platform consulting services and also reading book is a reminder, etc; Through the portal implementation personal library, unified authentication, multimedia reading services; Open up WeChat public, new media, sina weibo service; Strengthen the mobile library construction, and realizing a complete coverage of the wireless network, let reading without being limited by the time region, the reader can read widely. The RFID system self-help borrowing library self-service system USES RFID (borrowed in shenyang Radio frequency identification) Collection technology, the intelligent collection management, self-help, self-help registration borrowed, self-service query, such as self-service functionality, the system consists of the second floor lecture hall on the right side of the self-service library and the museum of self-help books borrowing institutions. Shen figure installed nearly 500000 copies can borrow books on a chip, the reader want to borrow books and library card read on self-help borrowed equipment, completes the library operation, also book the same. Self-help borrowing system technology application, the breakthrough of the traditional library in geographical and time limit, the future will be extended to the service function departments, enterprises and institutions, such as block any there is demand, provide 24-hour service for readers. Transform infrastructure let citizens 'reading' of shenyang library at the various basic facilities inside the upgrade. Modified shen in the reader provides a more comfortable, elegant, safe reading environment. Shen figure also actively developing mode of branch libraries, by the end of 2015, and there are 106 books branch, the branch libraries reasonably distributed in every city of shenyang, village, extended not only the convenient service of the library, reading provides a more convenient conditions for the whole people. At the same time, return the book in time for the convenience of readers, shenyang library and suitable abundant speed luck ( Shenyang) Co. , LTD, to sick infants and other readers of books inconvenience also provide door-to-door service, to help readers will want to return the books in the form of delivery also back to the library. Although express company will charge a fee of logistics, but citizens save the round-trip time and money. Can all night reading self-help library shen figure open self-service library on the second floor lecture hall on the right side, the main hall after closed late hold card readers can open the doors of the self-service library all night reading; There will also book system for 24 hours, 24 hours blocks library is terminal and self-help reading area three regions. Reading in self-service area more than 20000 books for readers to choose reading, including the social sciences, natural sciences, children's books, etc. , is a microcosm of the larger library, meet the needs of readers after the main hall is closed. return
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