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Shenzhen announced free for registration dogs embedded RFID chips

by:JLTcard     2020-11-21
Dog gave the dog a 'core', will you? On May 30th, the second dog activities held in shenzhen, the city urban management and comprehensive law enforcement bureau announced a full start work for dogs implanted electronic chips, asked the city all dogs must be injected with chip, chip implanted free, to the end of the year to achieve registration dogs 100% injection system chip, next, injection mechanism and location will be announced to the public chip, not vaccinating dogs electronic chip, will be treated as unlicensed dog. Neck after injection of chip won't produce side effects can also remove the reporter at the scene to see, to dogs implanted chip size like a grain of rice, upper right at the neck of the dog subcutaneous injection, chip surface covered with dog physique adapted to materials, anti-skid and injury prevention, there is almost no influence to the health of dogs. 'The fastest a few seconds to complete. 'Send pet hospital doctor said ok, injection process, there might be bleeding, which belongs to the normal phenomenon, press a few minutes. But to ensure the safety of the dogs to be seen 30 minutes after injection, to prevent the occurrence of discomfort dogs phenomenon. Do not bathe injection within 7 days, dogs and strenuous exercise. 'In the future, if you need, also can remove chips. 'Shenzhen city management and comprehensive law enforcement bureau deputy director Feng Zengjun said, according to preliminary fishing expeditions, shenzhen a total of 220000 dog, 90% have been registered. Chips of life period of validity is about 15 years, far more than dogs life, can be for life. According to introducing, in addition to the dog, dog, age less than 3 months or less than 2 kg of puppies, shenzhen all dogs should be implanted electronic tags. Shenzhen provide citizens with free chips by the district to buy dog. The procurement needs to meet the international standards of ISO11784/11785 animal identification, within 14 mm size limit. At present, shenzhen has tried five brands, mainly with the Ministry of Public Security to use more than 20 years of working dog chip ( PPETCARE) And the international first-class chip DATAMARS and shenzhen local companies, and other products. Urban management department has been in longgang dogs were center of southern China, baoan xiang peng centre, longhua pet dogs treated dogs were center three kennel admitted only pilot injection chips work, running effect is good. Next, will publish to the society as soon as possible the chip injection mechanism and location, for citizens to dog chip injections. Fine, such as the size of a grain of rice 'chip'. Not with the function of positioning and privacy information to dogs implanted chip raises the dog person watches, chip will produce adverse reactions after implantation, will disclose personal information? Shenzhen's dog chip records only for the length of a string of 15 international digital code, only authorized personnel through the specialized equipment to read the chip encoding, and connected the department in charge of system background to acquire dog owners name, contact information, name, breeds, such as information, without professional reading equipment and unauthorized personnel are unable to get information, dog owners and dogs are public information, the chip will not leak master information. At the same time, the chip without positioning function, departments will not record dog owners of private information. Dogs injection chip is good? Shenzhen dog management association, vice President of Huang Lijuan, said chip can prove the identity of the dog owners, effective determine some disputes on the ownership of the dog; Dogs lost after, can use professional equipment to identify dogs, to help find the lost dog. At the same time, with the aid of shenzhen dog management service integrated platform, through the chip can achieve precise dogs traceability management, effectively prevent abandoned dogs behavior, reduce the number of stray dogs. When wade dog dispute occurs, will also be able to put an end to dog owners do not admit that the phenomenon of dogs belong to evade responsibility, effectively reduce the incidence of injury and accident dog. When carrying dogs overseas travel, dogs must inject chip before the entry and exit. return
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