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SimplyRFiD can automatic processing Eye Docs glasses in stock

by:JLTcard     2020-11-22
'If you don't know your number of assets, you don't understand your business. 'Dr On Monday (Texas visual source optical shop boss 博士。 Schunk) Said. Like all eye doctor ( 眼文档) , Dr On Monday has relied on people's memory and salesman to restock and told that the products are sold. When the glasses inventory of more than 1000 pieces, it takes time to complete a day. Now, with the aid of glasses inventory management system based on RFID, she can be done in a few minutes. It is reported that the Frame Source Group, FSG) Company SimplyRFiD cooperation with RFID hardware and software development company to build a set of 1600 optician glasses tracking system across the United States. FSG company developed a 'advanced inventory management system based on RFID ( 目标) 'That can help an eye doctor automation management of their business. The doctor's office to use passive RAIN RFID tag picture frame, and using handheld RFID reader for asset inventory. On average, they can count 600 vice frame per minute. It is reported, this automation can greatly save time, if it is a mature business model, it will have a revolutionary change to the industry. RFID is a rapid development of technology, the use of low-cost microchip ( 15 cents) , they can be attached on almost all objects and monitor its mobile location, tracking object includes from the drugs and the trash can to military equipment and old computers, etc. Over the years, the RFID technology in the application of supply chain and inventory management. Experts say that the automation technology will continue to exist, and can be regarded as a paradigm shift. FSG President Greg Smith ( 格雷格•史密斯) Said: 'the RFID technology for any eye doctor's office is a real profitable assets, doctors need to be a rapid, simple solution, in a few minutes to complete the complete stock of thousands of frames. '' the price is reasonable, easy to deploy and can be used after installation, and with infinite possibilities. FSG willing to meet the needs of small business customers, is committed to helping every office success! 'SimplyRFiD President Carl brown ( Carl Brown) Said: 'in the retailing RFID have traditionally focused on general business processes. And professional AIMS to solve a specific business practices: glasses, which created a killer application of RFID. '' the cooperation with eye doctor is very exciting. Independent doctor is essentially entrepreneurs, they are eager to through a variety of ways, to their own business 'best'. 'AIMS are to the entire 3500 eye clinic to provide services in the United States. SimplyRFiD provides RF technology and software. return
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