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'Small label' move food 'security', Shanghai promotion seal 'food security'

by:JLTcard     2020-11-20
On September 22, 2020, the food security seal campaign site for the first time introduced a recycled seal 'food security'. The Shanghai market regulator for figure take-out must-have APP has become many consumer life, delivery of food safety more attention from all walks of life. The Shanghai market regulator through mechanism, technology innovation and work, to promote food take-away use seal 'food security', 'small label' is used to move food 'security', let the consumer 'point rest assured, eat at ease. Shanghai promoting food take-away use seal 'food security'. Shanghai market regulator for figure in 22 'with a small label move food 'big security' food security seal campaign site in 2020, the Shanghai market supervision bureau released the local standard 'seal of disposable food safety management specification' ( Hereinafter referred to as the 'standard') And normative documents of the management measures of the seal of Shanghai food take-out food use Trial) 》( Hereinafter referred to as the 'management method') 。 At the same time, Shanghai food safety work and the association of consumers' rights and interests protection committee jointly issued 'on advocating the city catering takeout specification using food safety seal guide ( Hereinafter referred to as the 'guidelines') 。 This three files released, build a trinity system supply, power of subsequent seal 'food security' promotion. The events of the day is the first time introduced a recycled seal 'food security'. The seal is to use the Internet of things IOT technology with the combination of mobile Internet intelligent food electronic seal, providing customers with food safety at the same time, effective query to seal the closed unlock geographic location and time. The intelligent electronic seal food security will be in xuhui, jing 'an, hongkou district 13 pilot business circle. In August 2019, the Shanghai market regulator to the integrity of the seal 'food security' avoid food may be in the process of distribution of secondary pollution for the gripper, promote the use of 'food security seal', to carry out the take-out food to protect action. So far, has organized the society accumulated on the more than 40 million seal 'food security' ( Does not contain the enterprise to make) 。 A year of seal 'food security' promotion, emerging technologies, the new model. In may this year, in the xuhui district 2 seal 'food security' upgrade. 0 version, and cashier receipts together, through the one-time print on the spot, a list covers both delivery order information, and with the seal 'food security' paste, save merchants to buy seal 'food security' the cost of capital. The xuhui beauty luo and other six pilot mall 30% take-out food and beverage businesses have used the technology of seal 'food security'. Introduced the 'management method', through the clear catering service provider, delivery staff, consumer rights and obligations in the process of catering takeout, change is usual in such disputes caused by difficult to define food contaminated link can't confirm the responsibility. For the first time puts forward the multiple use of the definition of 'food security seal'. Recycled intelligent electronic seal, seal to prevent in the process of distribution is to dismantle and rev or identify whether were removed and technical performance. Use environmental protection material, the technology in the form of electronic seal, an electronic seal can open and close tens of thousands of times. Clear the first responsible in the dispute settlement. Did not use of seal 'food security' food take-out food, consumer is in receipt on the spot, it found that the pollution of food, or sign for it and found food contamination, a catering service provider first negative responsibility system. Seal and use the 'food security' food take-out food is advocated by the network food trading third-party platform provider implements the first negative responsibility system. 'Standard' regulation for the classification of the disposable seal 'food security', quality requirements, bar code requirements, use requirement and logo, packaging, transportation, storage, etc. Introduced the standard of 'food security seal' place, from the warnings and safety instructions, the tensile strength of the food safety basic product quality index of the seal, increases the viscosity of the seal requirement, make it more adapt to the request of the one-time use and unable to recover. It is worth mentioning that local standard innovation in introducing 'Internet +' technology, the bar code can be written in the following information: food security seal to sign the information such as the name of the system unit; Catering business shop name, licenses and consequences of the recent food safety supervision of the public information; When in time order take-out food catering type, quantity, delivery time and delivery staff, process schedule and other trading information; Food related information, such as edible method, storage conditions, ingredients/heat meter, batch, production date, validity/shelf life, cook/distribution personnel health, food safety traceability information, etc. Third-party platform, such as net catering service provider through data statistics and submit, bar code technology rapid implementation through sweeping code can know all the room information, improve the security and practicability of the food and beverage distribution, make consumers truly experience 'seal sign in hand, comfort to enjoy' the brand-new feeling. The guide through the formulation and implementation rules, avoid disputes or quickly handle disputes, formed to encourage the use of seal 'food security'. Next, the Shanghai market regulatory authority will be the inclusion of the promotion of 'food security seal' CD, 'public spoon dining-table propaganda action, to consumers, multidimensional concept of food safety, saving food, food waste. Rich at the same time, the introduction of supervision of power, supervision and feedback, form a seal 'food security' to promote, supervise, closed-loop feedback. return
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