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Smart overalls NFC chip installation

by:JLTcard     2020-11-20
German sports goods maker adidas in recently launched a Climacool of new products, which is the world's first smart overalls, its built-in NFC chip can realize many intelligence features, together to get to know it. It is understood that the overalls by adidas Climacool intelligence professional technology company, car Fyshe and Otentico technology companies to develop, in addition to the traditional human body data tracking function, can also be used with smart phones NFC chip to ensure that the garment is to meet the requirements of the fia. This smart overalls is also able to race car driver's identity information is stored, and generated in the production of digital signature, this information is unique and cannot be tampered with. In the future, it will also pilot the medical information included. Formula one racing legend Rubens Barichello said: 'this is a very cool overalls, its role is not only authentication, also can provide medical details, if the car accident unfortunately, your doctor will know all the important information in the first time. 'To return to
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