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The 2016 global access control access control market research analysis

by:JLTcard     2020-11-20
In 2015, according to foreign research results show that the global access control access control market increased by 6. 6%, is expected to increase in 2016 7. 2%. At the same time the global gross domestic product ( GDP) Is expected to rise 2. 6%, the total construction spending increased by 3. 3%, this both definitely will have a positive impact on the door access control market. IHS( IHSglobal见解) , chief analyst at Blake khoza analysis, security threats by physical and logical factors, electronic access control products has become the public needs. The current market new physical access control and logical access control, mobile certificate. Biometric technology and based on the technology development of cloud services, will be reversed transmission enterprises need to keep pace with changing market entrance guard access control technology development. A schlage wireless access is on the rise, a research firm, found that the supplier to the cause of the growth in 2015 is not just because the objective existence of the market, but these companies through remote deployment based on IP solutions, through the powerful network function, help enterprises to expand existing users of the service mode, such as adding wireless electronic lock, etc. , and this type of solution with high-end customers, not just for low-end users group, demand also exists. Mentioned in the survey report, with the change of technology, wireless access market is its cost advantages, access control, technological level and reduce the accuracy of traditional access control for a dependent, such as CARDS are quickly developed. But to be developed in the world, still needs a period of transition time, it is closely related with the level of privacy and security requirements of countries, at the same time, the development of biological recognition technology, is expected to reduce the cost of access control products. Development of biometric market survey report shows that in 2015, in addition to web-based solution and wireless electronic locks with remote management functions of high-speed growth, the global biometric market development also ushered in the peak, forecasts will grow by 9% in 2016, will achieve double-digit growth in 2017. In addition to web-based solution with remote management capabilities and wireless electronic lock, biometric technology has also experienced strong growth in 2015. The global biometric market will grow by 9% in 2016, with double-digit growth forecast for 2017. Although the biometric products have been in the market has experienced ten years development, but it was not until its growth in the recent years with the forecast of the market. Slowly rising of open standards in the survey report shows that open standards, global access control software and integrated development will be improved in 2016 years. For the standard, although after years of discussion, but still slow progress on openness. Many companies are still continue to promote their products in deployment and open standards and open application interfaces, and will also increase in 2016. Although open standards has been discussed for several years, progress has been slow. Many companies continue to deploy and promote their own forms of open standards and open application program interface, physical security interoperability alliance ( PSIA) With the open network video interface BBS ( ONVIF) Is, together with other industries, to promote the standardization of entrance guard control the market. Despite these efforts, the market is but believe that compared with the security in other areas, door access control market because of its particularity, Privatisation) , will be the last of the security industry to areas with open standards. In anti-theft alarm market in 2015, has begun to create an open standard, in the 2016 years we will see the exciting news - — Z - Wave in the fourth quarter will be sent to you by UL. In addition, door access control software and integration will also be a focus, entrance guard suppliers in these areas will increase investment, so as to form their own product differentiation competitive advantage. Limited to the visitor control similar to the video surveillance market, today's users are no longer want simple security access control access control products, in line with the flexible use of video data, entrance guard control data can be collected, through the collection of data, improve construction efficiency and add new security products, ensure safe construction environment. Abnormal data by monitoring and emergency situation, through the computer and network control, prevent potentially malicious behavior. 'We expect for the rest of the positive results of access control in the market, as the end user want to protect their assets in an uncertain market. Thanks to the innovation and technology improvement, access control suppliers, integrators and distributors can provide customized and turnkey solutions, sales opportunities and repeat business from the electronic locks, mobile certificate and professional monitoring service. 'Black khoza concluded. Blake khoza believes that in 2016 years, door access control market still will achieve the stable growth. 'Because the user in a full of security threats in the market to protect their own assets, combined with innovative technology improvement, equipment suppliers, integrators and distributors are able to provide customized and the overall solution, on the basis of this it is easy to expand service scope to wireless electronic lock, mobile certificate, professional monitoring service, etc. 'To return to
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