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The 2022 global RFID blood monitoring system the size of the market could reach 500 billion dollars

by:JLTcard     2020-11-19
According to the Grand View, according to Research, a new study predicts 2022 global fluid monitoring system market will reach $511. 5 billion dollars. Company said the study, the report includes the chronic diseases, such as heart, kidney, lung, and liver, as well as other infectious and non-infectious disease application market research. The report showed that RFID technology is increasingly used in identification, classification, and tracking the blood samples, and collect data automatically. Electronic tags to blood sample, in order to ensure that hospitals and blood Banks and diagnostic center can be more convenient and more accurate monitoring samples, Grand View Research explained. RFID tags are completely can be competent in system of inventory management solutions, to manage large-scale testing and storage of blood. RFID blood monitoring the growth of the market in addition to the people to the rising demand for health early detection and diagnosis, including RFID active layout in this market. The report results indicate that the north American market share accounted for more than 50% in 2014, this is largely due to the regional health care infrastructure level is higher, and maintain a high level of cooperation between the RFID industry and medical institutions. Is expected to become one of the fastest growing regions in the asia-pacific region, is expected in the next seven years of average annual compound growth rate in the region. 2%. Because of its rapid growth in the key factor is that as countries such as China, Brazil, India, South Korea's rapid economic development. The increase of the prevalence of disease, blood diagnosis and subsequent rise in blood inventory management, and promote the use of RFID blood monitoring system and the label finally rapidly growth in the forecast period. return
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