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The advantages and disadvantages of UHF against metal RFID tags?

by:JLTcard     2020-11-22
Why use the metal on metal surface RFID tags? With the rapid development of Internet technology, RFID technology as one of its key technologies, more and more widely applied. RFID system performance requirements also more and more high, especially for the UHF RFID system on the basis of the principle of electromagnetic inverse scattering. However, in many applications, RFID tags need to attached to the surface of the metal objects. When the normal passive UHF RFID tags applied in the metal surface, performance fell sharply even unable to read effectively. Therefore, when applied in the metal environment, resistance to find the right RFID metal tag is to ensure that the precondition for the effectiveness of the RFID system applications. What are the common types of uhf resistance to metal tag? What are the advantages and disadvantages of them? Common UHF resistance to metal tag mainly include ABS UHF RFID metal resistance, PCB UHF resistance to metal RFID tags, glue UHF resistance to metal RFID tags, UHF RFID tags, resistance to metal ceramics foam and flexible metal RFID tags ( Can be printed) 。 And can be made into all kinds of styles and shapes, such as bar, square and circle. Widely used in electric power asset management, enterprise asset management, equipment management, field metal management of dangerous goods management, logistics tray management, asset tracking, metal shelf management and so on. 1. Metal against metal UHF RFID tags ABS ABS UHF RFID tags have sunscreen, waterproof, high temperature resistant characteristics, widely used in logistics management. It can realize information and modernization of logistics management, improve the level of logistics management and management efficiency, reduce management costs. Main application: logistics management, bags, trays, containers, shelves, equipment, fixed assets, etc. 2. Metal against metal uhf RFID tags PCB PCB uhf RFID tags can be directly pasted on the metal surface, without tedious installation work. Apply to the license plates, can also be applied to outdoor power equipment testing, pole check, check the elevator, pressure vessel steel cylinder steam bottles, all kinds of household electrical appliances product tracking, asset management, logistics management, automotive parts processing and management. 3. Glue uhf against metal RFID tags by the combination of the foam and glue encapsulation, it is low cost but relatively limited reading distance. Suitable for outdoor use, such as outdoor power equipment inspection, line inspection, the lift check, etc. 4. UHF RFID metal ceramic prevention against metal tags can be installed on metal surface, the corrosion resistance is strong, can be used in the poor working environment. Mainly used for the component tracking, asset management. 5. Foam flexible prevent metal tag the flexible metal tags are relatively small, read and write distance, have a certain flexibility, can be posted large curvature of the paste, can be applied to asset management. 6. Flexible UHF resistance to metal label ( Can be printed) Flexible UHF resistance to metal label ( Can be printed) Can bend. It is used for metal surface. It has good metal resistance, excellent performance, good direction and distance readings. Can be applied to the RFID asset management, cylinder tracking, traffic control, logistics management, management of dangerous goods, etc.
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