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The application of RFID in logistics

by:JLTcard     2020-11-18
Enrich the RFID products, developed the active electronic tags, passive electronic tags and half passive electronic tags. Electronic tag of lower costs, and scale of application is expanding rapidly. Compared with other automatic identification technology, RFID tag what role in logistics? 1. Buy links by using RFID technology to change traditional the seller procurement management, using the RFID reader at the same time to obtain goods and logistics information, automatic counting and sent to information system for storage of goods. After the goods are placed in different warehouse area, fixed electronic tag reader can be used to monitor the warehouse storage state of the goods, as specified by the stacking area, shelf time and other information statistics. When the storage area close to the goods time, alarm automatically sent to the central dispatching system to inform the staff. The goods shipped out, the changes in the cargo information will be sent to the corresponding database. Registration of the use of RFID technology to make the goods more automation, more quickly, more accurately, reduce the personnel demand and loss of goods, goods can quickly extract, and minimize the storage costs. 2. Sales link to use RFID tags to calculate sales business in the process of commodity, and only need to check the goods detailed information on the host system management software, such as the type and amount of inventory. Can also pay in automatic scanning and billing items, replace the tedious manual collection mode. Consumers are more concerned about the problem of the validity of the validity of the system monitoring some effective commodity, remind merchant processing, avoid failure. At the same time, the commodity management system to supervise and control the goods, and promptly notify the merchant when goods out of stock replenishment, to ensure adequate supplies, improve the efficiency of the sales process. 3. Transportation RFID tags can be placed on the surface of the goods, For example, on the containers and packaging) To track and control the shipment. Transport the goods in the process of RFID tags by installed in the station, wharf, airport, highway exit of the place such as RFID reader reads, and the location information of the goods sent to the cargo dispatching center database. Update the goods logistics network information accurately and timely. The application of RFID technology in the above link to make the reasonable inventory control and intelligent logistics technology become possible. RFID is very suitable for the logistics tracking, transport vehicles, warehouse shelves and target recognition to non-contact data collection and exchange. Widely used in logistics management, shop ( Especially the supermarket) Warehouse management, transportation management, material tracking and shelf.
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