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The application of RFID technology in public utilities

by:JLTcard     2020-11-21
Copenhagen Hofor utility services company through the use of UHF RFID system, reduces the employees spend time on the pipe maintenance data collection. The system can let the company automatically identify water valve, access to its historical record and input information maintenance work. Hofor has on the half of the water pipe cut-off valve attached to the RFID tags, to track maintenance work. Use of RFID technology, valve repair work become simple and accurate. Company executive Ole Skytte said: 'we hope to acquire the correct data to the maintenance staff. In the past, they find it difficult to obtain parts maintenance history data at the scene. After completion of all valves tag, the company will use the technology to track tools and all consumable materials. Later this year, other equipment will also begin to attached electronic tags. 'Maintenance personnel can observe through the lid off the valve in the street Hofor underground pipe valves. Maintenance workers lifted the cover, you can see the bottom of the tube and valve. Label by epoxy resin adhesive side under the bonnet. Electronic tag ID number and the location information stored on the cloud software. Staff before maintenance, can log on to the software view need to repair the valve and its location information. In the past, the employee need to manually record need to maintenance of the valve list, at the same time record provides information service details and the valve serial number. Now, they only need to use a handheld reader read electronic tag ID, check valve, can finish the work. By looking at the history, they can also make sure to provide appropriate services. After completion of maintenance staff information recorded in the system maintenance and valve ID information, in order to improve the maintenance records. Currently about 10000 valve on the tag. Skytte said: 'we save a lot of time, with this scanner, we can easily find each valve in the street. 'Skytte added:' we are very satisfied with the performance of the system. In the future we will attached 500000 labels. Company currently employs some of the students in the evening and weekend time on electronic tags. 'To return to
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