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The application of RFID technology in warehouse management

by:JLTcard     2020-11-22
RFID technology rapid development today, the price of the electronic label is more and more people. So more and more factory warehouse is updated using the RFID technology. RFID warehouse management system is composed of two parts: hardware: the hardware + software including RFID read-write device and electronic label ( Read/write device including host and antenna, electronic label is divided into metal and non metal) About operation is as follows: a host installed at the gate of the warehouse, speaking, reading and writing and antenna, goods electronic tag on it. When with the electronic label goods through the door of the warehouse, can automatically identify the data and uploaded to the database. This way is suitable for large warehouse. There is a suitable for small warehouse supplies inventory ( Tens of thousands of pieces of inventory products warehouse, for example) , the warehouse on the RFID system, low cost, compared with the traditional manual inventory time saving money. Warehouse keeper with a high-performance handheld terminals, to all the goods into the warehouse electronic label. When the goods come in, can enter inside the handset corresponding commodity information, realize one thing a yard; In the same way out of the warehouse, in handheld terminals for outbound operation. The handset software, you can see goods inventory information, and prints a report for the in-out warehouse. Be clear at a glance, convenient management. RFID technology in warehouse management can improve the work efficiency, and anti-theft, has made great masses of customers. The key is low prices, every company can afford. The application of RFID is too wide. return
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