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The baby's exclusive wearable device can promote brain development

by:JLTcard     2020-11-21
It's hard to imagine that the host of a wearable device is a baby. As wearable equipment market oriented object is more and more young, child development company VersaMe on Indiegogo released 'the first in the world for 0 to 5 years old infants and young children educational wearable prepared' - — 燕八哥。 Maybe you will ask, a child trying to from a wearable device? Of course is to improve their vocabulary in the future, IQ and eq! Welcome to the 21st century. For many years, the academia think the child's ability to learn to read and whether the school is one of the most powerful predictors of success to enter kindergarten vocabulary. 'The university of Maryland Meredith Rowe pointed out in the report published in 2012, when parents talk to their children, quality and quantity is very important. Starling can provide help in this regard, the wearable device 'is applying for patent intelligence algorithm can capture and calculate the words you say to the children. 'Starling by detecting' syllable between natural pause to judge whether a word to say, this can make a Starling to identify a variety of language, because it is the main focus of word recognition, rather than each word or the nuances of the language. 'Starling this star equipment is about 49 mm in diameter, can wear in the child's neck edge, used to calculate the vocabulary. The VersaMe App can monitor the progress of form a complete set or set the target vocabulary. Starling networking can not calculate the vocabulary. Because it is waterproof, made of medical plastic for neonatal security, also won't stimulate the sensitive skin, so you don't have to worry about baby Starling will be broken or ( What is more important) The baby had Starling damage. VersaMe asked: 'if 82% of brain development in the first three years of life, so what are the than let your children hear more language is more important? '' a child from birth to the age of four had heard of vocabulary is the most can predict the future academic and professional success. So parents, more talk! 'To return to
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