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The causes and effects of the RFID electronic tag can't read the reading distance?

by:JLTcard     2020-11-22
Along with the popularization of the concept of Internet of things, and people to use RFID tags to more interested in management of fixed assets, in general, a complete set of solutions including RFID fixed assets management system, RFID printers, RFID tag, RFID read-write device, etc. As an important part of the RFID electronic tag if there are any problems, will affect the whole system. The cause of the RFID electronic tag cannot read a, damage to the RFID electronic tag, RFID electronic tag, a chip and antenna, if the chip is oppression or high electrostatic force may be invalid. Antenna, if RFID signal receiving antenna damage can cause failure. So the RFID electronic tag can't there is oppression damage or tear. General demanding the RFID electronic tag will be packed in plastic CARDS, to avoid the damage of the external force. Second, there are interference influence the RFID electronic tag can't through the metal object, when the label is in the shadow of the metal, can affect the distance of reading RFID inventory machine, even cannot read at all. At the same time, the RFID electronic tag radio frequency information is difficult to penetrate water, if the water blocking, induction distance will be limited. Under normal circumstances, the RFID tag signals can penetrate paper, wood and plastic etc. Nonmetal or opaque materials, and communication ability of penetrating. If you use a special scene, need special custom metal labels, or other characteristics of electronic tags, such as high temperature resistance, waterproof, etc. Three, read distance RFID electronic tag according to the craft that make different, different application environment, the RFID read-write device, read distance is different also, if the read distance too far, can affect reading effect. Factors influencing the RFID electronic tag reading distance 1, and RFID read-write device rf power, rf power small, read-write distance nearby, on the other hand, the power to read from you much; 2, read and write with RFID antenna gain, reading and writing of antenna gain is small, the read-write distance to the nearest, anyway, high gain read from far; 3, with RFID tags and antenna polarization direction and the cooperation degree of the relative Angle, in the same direction with high degrees, read and write distance is far, on the other hand, is not co-operating read from near; 4, associated with attenuation feeder unit, the greater the attenuation, read and write the closer distance, on the other hand, the read distance far attenuation is small; 5, with links to read and write device is related to the total length of the antenna feeder, the longer the feeder, read and write the closer distance, on the other hand, the feeder read short distance away. return
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