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The characteristics of the garment tags

by:JLTcard     2020-11-20
Display of the clothing sales, most of the clothing do not use sealed packaging, but through the open shelf hanging on the display stand directly, or to the human body model, or on the shelf, to display. Therefore, for without this kind of packing goods, clothing labels and tags feature is very obvious. First, it will not affect the overall effect of the clothing shows, and on the subject have effective foil and complementary effect, coordinated design also reflects the degree of the standardization of clothing series products. Second, as a kind of promotion methods, clothing label form is flexible, convenient consumers free to buy, and according to the brief information on the label make self judgment, will not be 'forced' to interrupt. And production costs low, from space, the limitation of time and personnel, promote effectively the commodity information transmission; Third, clothing label according to the relevant commodity information, commodity quality of a material, for example, components, specifications, instructions, etc. , but actually reflects the company's commitment to the consumers. Accurate, accurate information shows that the enterprise awareness of consumers and carefully take care of, not only in terms of increase consumer confidence in products, and to promote the enterprise image, improve product quality, credibility and cultural tastes are plays a positive role. Fourth, clothing tag design is regarded as commodity advertisement, effective visual communication not only can improve the visual impact of goods, to enhance consumer's impression, but also can improve the quality of products, make the goods more affinity. In addition, with the widespread application and development of anti-counterfeiting technology, some clothing tags with novel and chic anti-fake label and bar code logistics, so as to further improve the brand awareness and reputation of our products.
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