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The correct use of RFID can 'help' for the enterprise, rather than 'damage'

by:JLTcard     2020-11-18
Dining out and now online shopping has become a part of our daily life, but someone ever considered technology is how to participate in to promote these activities? Ever wondered in a meal, ingredients from producers to distributors warehouse, and then transferred to the restaurant, to identify and track food what is technology? Or tell people on their doorstep with what technology is a parcel? Enterprise will use technology to ensure that users in the largest degree can be accurate, precise, no matter when and where to obtain the needed information, but the user does not know these techniques. Even when a user saw the use of technology ( For example, the restaurant staff to use mobile device or tablet and to deliver packages) , also it can be difficult to understand people degree of dependence on technology. RFID rise in new tracking process at the turn of the century, digital is the key to optimize enterprise business, and to a certain extent, it still is now. To gain performance advantages in 'the economy' the first step to the required level of agility, is to use digital workflow instead of paper and pencil process, and ensure the captured data can easily access the entire enterprise. However, only is not enough to create digital recording system '. Through real-time system get higher rates of business intelligence, the system using RFID technology in near real time way to collect detailed information, such as inventory levels, product status, the condition of equipment and staff position. Based on barcode scan can provide visibility for the information. But in many cases, RFID can provide higher speed, accuracy, automation and efficiency. That's why the Zebra to see the utility ratio of RFID in the manufacturing, transportation, retail, medical, and even sports industry is rapidly rising. In fact, in 2019, Zebra survey of 950 IT decision makers, their company has at least 250 employees, is published in the 'intelligent enterprise index' in the report, the results found that 52% of the enterprise group has already deployed to a certain extent on the active RFID technology, and 34% of the company plans to deploy active RFID technology in the next few years. Measure the demand of RFID and readiness in the operation of integrate RFID technology to the company before, must first determine whether it can help the company improve is facing difficulties. For example, a company because of the lack of the visibility of inventory or asset location and lost sales opportunities, or a company to make up for the low efficiency and cost additional materials, tools, and human resources. Almost in real time tracking inventory, the location of the equipment and personnel, condition, time, accuracy and speed, it is easier to simplify the process and work more effectively promote the front process. Industry applications of RFID system include: retail: can you see in stores and warehouse inventory quantity and position, to help reduce shortage situation, to promote sales and improve customer satisfaction. Transportation, logistics and postal service: staff can view all mail delivery and processing operations. Medical treatment: patients with medical personnel can be found in a few seconds the necessary testing and care equipment. Aviation: can track jackets, catering and so on in order to improve the efficiency of flight preparations, and can be timely and accurately to carry the luggage to the destination. Manufacturing: staff members can track loading and unloading station to production line and other parts of the inventory, this can reduce delay and improve the quality control. IT: in the vault server and system operation control room to track equipment, in case of lost, dislocation, stolen or damaged equipment. Vehicle automatic recognition: application in the electronic toll collection, monitor the use of the highway and load factor, and monitoring state of repair and refueling vehicles. RFID investment needs strong leadership industry analysts and visionaries might think RFID has a 'destructive'. But the Zebra think it is a kind of authorization. If used properly, RFID can prevent enterprise operation and disrupted as a way of life of consumers. However, due to a deployment complete RFID solutions will touch the multiple departments of the enterprise, so in the planning, testing, and implementation stage, all potential internal coordination among stakeholders must be strong. Co-ordinate consulting from the beginning, for example, procurement, supply chain, store operations, store sales, marketing and e-commerce and so on various functional departments, often driven than single deployment of RFID technology can bring more excellent value to retailers. In all of the potential end users and beneficiaries advice, appoint a central coordinator and facilitator can add great value. Change management is the key. A lack of communication between the organization will hinder the application implementation and return on investment. Enterprises need to carry on the simple training for employees to understand what is RFID, how to do the best job and what are the benefits for the enterprise, through the use of it can help employees to accept it better. Also need to be aware that there is no RFID standard implementation of the strategy, there is no applicable to all organizations or even a particular industry of a single 'best RFID solutions'. Work out a plan for the incremental innovation to effectively cope with the challenges and achieve the goal, and not bring organization more risk, it is very important. return
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