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The Courier company introduces the RFID, automation, etc. 11 logistics technology to cope with the double pressure

by:JLTcard     2020-11-18
These days, zhongtong express headquarters located in Shanghai qingpu, all energy. They are waiting for a worldwide business record - — Company annual total package volume break through 10 billion. Through calculation, the record is likely to produce during the '11'. Business season, according to the national post office bulletin, 2019, the highest summit in the 'double 11' period, the preliminary estimate on November 11 to 18, the industry processing of mail, express business will amount to 2. 8 billion. The expected maximum daily capacity up to 5. Since the second quarter of 200 million, is the daily capacity ( 1. 7. 4 billion) Three times as much. Average daily capacity up to 3. 2 times the rate of 500 million, nearly everyday. Is expected to appear LanShou peak during 11 to 13, 14 and 15, the delivery peak, took shots during the peak time to focus on 13 to 18. 15 LanShou pressure is slowing in the future, 18 days after delivery pressure to slow. According to Shanghai postal service estimates that during the November 11 to 18, Shanghai processing of mail, express business will amount to 200 million. 11 and 12, there will be a network peak pressure, maximum daily capacity can reach more than three times the rate of daily. Face huge amount of express, several big express company, deployed in the use of an ace at the same time, continuously into the new technology. Has been used automated driving to the Courier. During the period of '11' double this year, its more than 1000 with the latest L2. 5 automated driving assistant system of Volvo high capacity truck into the ship, at present, which can realize the dynamic steering, collision warning, and other functions, can effectively reduce driver fatigue, improve safety degree. Motion for the first time this year in the business peak into automatic weighing device and automatic shelves and picking robots, about the express the digestive ability to 2 times daily. Yuantong so there will be more than 100 sets of automation equipment putting-in-service proactively, and other automation equipment, such as swing arm, get on the car scanner, etc. More than 2000 sets, promote efficiency of transit operations. If delivery this year during the '11' the biggest luminescent spot, it's green. Motion previously established logistics packaging laboratory, to express service usage is the largest paper box, tape, sealing and filling material for continuous improvement, in 2018 alone will reduce 9500 tons of carbon emissions. Zhongtong using current hot RFID ( Radio frequency identification) Technology, in 1 million new reusable canvas bag with RFID chips. This canvas bag can be repeated use 4 - For six months, utilization rate is 100 times bigger than the traditional woven sacks. Shentong during the period of 'double 11' is expected to use a duplicate of more than 200 million copies, more than two duplicate paper more than 1. 6 million square meters, 250 tons of saving paper. return
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