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The development trend of RFID technology in animal husbandry and aquaculture

by:JLTcard     2020-11-21
With the development of RFID technology, more and more widely, for our country as an agricultural country, in both now and in the future, as one of the pillars of China's agriculture, animal husbandry products occupy an important position in the national life. In animal breeding management, animal epidemic management is very important, for example, for a period of time before all the African swine fever, for many farms, is undoubtedly a loss event, for national development, and national economic development, national health are closely linked, peaceful country and safe people is the goal of our country since the social stability. And major outbreak caused by animals and their related products, more to me is humongous, large population, the great mobility and other objective conditions and cause even more damage. In the face of these problems, set new development concept, establish new development ideas, to guide the development of animal husbandry is the trend of The Times. To the technology, scale and management to profit has become the new characteristics of livestock production. The performance of RFID in animal husbandry management system advantage of animal husbandry and management system based on RFID technology, has the following advantages: 1. USES inductive data acquisition, namely simply collector in checking points gently shook as ear tag attachment, you can read the current information, the operation is simple and convenient. 2. Ear tag does not need wiring, easy installation, encoding setting and checking point of increase and decrease are easy and convenient. 3. System TAB has a unique ID code, durable, tampering or copy information. 4. Intelligent tracking management of each animal in the outbreak of the first animals can be traced to agents, to achieve timely prevention and control, traced back, by reducing the beast's loss to the lowest point. 5. Information management, transparent, timely, and the layers of managers can through the simple network management, quick query to various feed information. RFID livestock farm management - Barb for livestock breeding, in the animal husbandry and business in China to find and formulate corresponding policies and take various means to strengthen the management of animal. Strengthen the supervision and control of animal diseases and epidemic prevention, not only for simple and livestock management process, and for consumers to strengthen the security of food safety. Modern livestock farm management which appeared in every large farms, cattle carry RFID ear tag, from birth through the RFID reader, ear mark, read the information feedback to the RFID system, through the use of RFID technology, greatly improved the system of animal identification and tracking ability, and is suitable for all kinds of farm animals, being concentrated feed or decentralized breeding, raised or other occasions, there were some attempts, the livestock farm management provides a scientific, automation management. Animal farm management - RFID technology Emerging from the traditional livestock farm management, to RFID technology management, embodies the technology change farming state of a process. Traditional animal husbandry management, cannot understand animal epidemic situation in time, led to a large number of livestock disease, causing enormous losses, and artificial feeding cost a lot of manpower and at the same time, can't always keep to the animal farm, farming, adjust in time, caused the loss. RFID technology in recent years the introduction of farm management, and gradually solve these problems, timely understanding of animal species, epidemic, quantity, improve the management efficiency, enhance the survival of the animal, gradually farms the attention of people. Rfid technology is also in constant perfect, is also likely to completely replace the traditional management methods on properties. RFID animal ear logo to read -- Valiant RFID technology, RFID animal ear tag, RFID animal ear mark read gradually used by major breeding places, the RFID technology in continuously strengthen, also became one of the management means of farms, gradually deep into the weighing machine, milking machine, access control, automatic feeding station automation equipment, such as tracking management and their animals. Bring a new experience for livestock, RFID technology has been assigned to. Animal RFID tags - Profound for RFID technology management livestock farm, RFID ear tag and RFID reader, ear mark fish farm automation management is most closely, has become the focus of the livestock farm management, and is valued by the animal husbandry and managers gradually covered in livestock management, to the healthy forever RFID animal ear tag and ear tag reader, for example, has been the affirmation of the industry, at the same time, more animal husbandry management have also used this product, become the top of the animal husbandry and management. RFID technology - Gaining momentum with hot RFID technology, the application in the field of industrial, medical, asset management, etc, will gradually into the animal husbandry management, animal management, RFID technology has been maturing, hoarding energy, gaining momentum. In animal husbandry management, combining the RFID technology, RFID tags as the carrier, in today's computer network technology as the means, by identifying code, wear, identification, information input and transmission, data analysis and query, livestock from birth, slaughtering a link to the consumption of the integration of the whole monitoring, animal breeding, epidemic prevention, quarantine, supervision and the organic combination, such not only can achieve rapid for animal outbreaks, accurate, and to strengthen the livestock and poultry products in the whole process of the 'from farm to table' management, so as to realize the scientization of animal husbandry, institutionalization and improve the management level of animal husbandry. So the application of RFID technology in animal husbandry and management has a great prospect, in the near future will be universal coverage of livestock industry, open a window of livestock farming. return
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