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The FBI announced cracked iPhone

by:JLTcard     2020-11-21
The U. S. justice department said late on Monday that they have found way to unlock the iPhone without apple help, ending with the company for more than a month of legal wrangling. All glasses are broken, I didn't think the FBI and 'unnamed third party' really has the ability to bypass apple's security program. Terrorists Farook in December 2015, and his wife killed 14 people in California's attack, the FBI to investigate Farook an iPhone, but change up password mistake, because be afraid to erase Farook iPhone data and dare not to try, so request the assistance of the apple, open read iPhone advanced permissions. Apple CEO sternly refused and legal department, to resist the appeal against the judge's command, and state the reason of apple, in hearing apple itself cannot open to users of the iPhone sold view data, apple system security is a matter of user interests, and there is no doubt on security. The U. S. justice department with apple dispute because of a matter of privacy, and in the world's most powerful and focus between the government and the most valuable company. Although before technology expected to win, but a bet on the apple side, have never thought is 'evil' of the FBI get assistance hackers, bypassing the safety protection to unlock the apple iPhone. The us department of justice and apple looks not time-consuming and money in a legal process, to save face, but now the department of justice and the FBI has reached the goal, leaving only embarrassing apple, because of the safety of the iPhone could not stand the test, will face the doubt on the user to the iPhone. Apple's reason was more tech companies in silicon valley, with the support of the majority of iPhone users, because the snowden event, the American people for the federal government eavesdrop on phone and access to private information, if the FBI obtained easily cracked iPhone cell phone or any other data, for now, all the personal information is stored on a mobile phone users, the consequence is unimaginable. Last week, the U. S. justice department to stop hearing said in broken test method iPhone, may not need the assistance of apple, at that time, although the possibility, but because the FBI has tried a lot of kinds of method to the iPhone's crack, and everyone thought would be an unsuccessful attempt to crack, no thought of the FBI and 'unnamed third party' really did it! So far, the U. S. justice department and the FBI get terrorists Farook the data on the iPhone, investigation of the attacks can proceed, so a careless and apple also continue to engage in a lawsuit. But he left to apple and the public more doubts. The us department of justice and the FBI crack iPhone, the reality is, before all the iPhone users everyone's privacy had suddenly become unsafe. For notice the user of the mobile phone safety performance, the future is waiting for the company to provide more security upgrade, or a change? Technically, both Android and Windows mobile is not safer than apple iPhone iOS, the user is the biggest victims of the end of legal disputes. Apple's reputation has been, how to retrieve the user image is the cook and his executives need to consider the first. Apple's executives and legal department has no immediate response to the statement from the department of justice, but apple's many estimates will be spent a sleepless night. return
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