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The flashing led bracelet how to make the concert performances more wonderful?

by:JLTcard     2020-11-19
Flashing wristband is a special type of wrist strap, it is mainly used for concerts, build a lively atmosphere by the audience's waving her arms, make the concert complete, enhanced the interaction between celebrities and fans. Traditional flash bracelet is only used to improve the stage atmosphere, but RFID bracelet with unique features. RFID flash wristband built-in RFID chip, the chip is unique and positioning. Through the cloud system, the concert organizers can even easily control each audience's situation in the background. The main management functions including: site management, including the concert number increase, modify, and delete, stage partition information related Settings, as well as add, delete, modify and other functional modules. Ticket management: provide ticket initialization function, as well as ticket inspection process, including ordinary ticket checking module, Vip ticket check module, discount ticket checking module, include a refund related processing. By using real time communication technology, the system of stock ticket information can be forwarded immediately to the data center for inspection, system will automatic alarm when invalid ballots or fake tickets, fundamentally eliminate the occurrence of fraud. Data query: powerful data analysis system, through the software management platform to provide centralized management, it is a easy operation of data collection, analysis and management system. Organizers of effective management, also have social benefits. Social benefits: 1) To improve the audience satisfaction; ( 2) To improve the audience experience; ( 3) In providing information collection and use of value-added services such as breakthrough progress has been made. Shenzhen Goldbridge wristbands has 12 years of production experience, manufacturing flash wristband colour is gorgeous, can promote the atmosphere.
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