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The function of the mobile NFC

by:JLTcard     2020-11-18
NFC is the abbreviation of NFC it with Bluetooth and Wifi are similar, just a shorter distance. Usually the biggest distance less than 10 cm, typical actual distance in 3 - Within 5 cm. In fact, it is specially designed for card payments. It consists of the hardware, usually in the mobile phone back cover or putting a coil battery. You may not familiar with the word 'NFC', but the NFC has been widely used in many aspects of our life, such as card payment in a supermarket, public transportation, etc. NFC is characterized by fast speed, and easy to use. But so far, the use of mobile phones NFC technology products is very few, the current products are usually can only realize the two functions, the first is a credit card payment, or through your bank account is bound to the cell phone Apple to Pay Pay is a typical example; , the other is a public transportation card payment, millet has 5 implement this function.
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