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'The industry's first standard mobile NFC car keys' byd beyond qin Pro version listed on May 20

by:JLTcard     2020-11-20
On May 12, byd held beyond qin Pro version - Online communication, mobile NFC car key technology during the meeting, detailed analytical function for the 'mobile NFC car keys', from mechanical keys, cloud APP, remote control to the mobile phone bluetooth key now mobile NFC car keys, qin Pro version beyond the depth insight into young users life scenarios and requirements, digital car key ecological gradually build the whole scene, with extreme innovation opens the user think tank car life. Byd held beyond qin Pro version plan will be available on May 20. According to introducing, byd mobile NFC car keys is snatched byd DiLink intelligence system to provide users with a mobile phone can be registered for the car keys and the function of the mobile phone to unlock the door, using intelligent technology will be 'customer pain points' into 'bright spot' the user, once again, simplify user, refresh the owner car life experience. Owners after registered mobile NFC car keys, just put the phone near the rearview mirror induction area, brush can second locking the door. Even in the mobile phone rate screen, less power and even no electricity shutdown ( Some models do not support) Of state, the owners can also realize fast solution atresia, start the operation of the vehicle, to pay for DouFan key action will be the 'father' and even 'granddad' the history of the scene. It is understood that at present, huawei, millet, OPPO, vivo, realme, one plus brands such as mainstream models have to support the function, such as apple, samsung and in cooperation in succession. return
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