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The Internet of things, the RFID technology as 'difficult' burden

by:JLTcard     2020-11-19
Wuxi hospital surgical ward, the head nurse Zheng Ping into the ward, Yang see patients are sleeping, she pulled out a mobile phone machine near the wrist swept the patients, and then click on the 'joy', Yang electronic medical records will appear on the screen: identity and formulary information such as medication, dose, method. According to the doctor's advice, Yang to infusion three bottles of the day. Zheng Ping will 'mobile phone' bar code scanning infusion bottle, screen display is normal, drug is verified. Later, Yang began to infusion. 'If the transfusion bottle is not Yang, it will display a warning. 'Zheng Ping introduces, at the end of the dosing process, all process information is recorded in the PDA, facilitate hospital management query and event tracking. Nurses with 'joy', the application of RFID is a iot of sensing technology, just scan in patients with wrist strap, can input, automatically upload clinical information, use the 'joy', not only can do drugs zero error, nurses can greatly improve the work efficiency, and even don't need to be patient when scanning hand out of the blanket, and through the blanket outloud. Access to the Internet of things, infusion has become 'smart'. See city people's hospital of retired veteran cadres ward nurse station shown on a computer, 38, ward beds, all have three beds show red alarm, showed that transfusion dropping out; There are 2 beds show) in the infusion, the following will indicate the infusion time remaining. The head nurse said yan liu, infusion monitor by gravity sensing technology to monitor the patient's infusion volume and infusion speed and time data, and the transmission of data to the nurse station computer terminal. The nurse can to transfusion speed, for the rest of the real-time monitoring, etc. When infusion time remaining to within 1 minute, computer terminals have a red alarm signals, to remind nurses are processed in a timely manner. 'Infusion with this new thing, my wife finally can sleep in the evening. 'The sun of 21 bed of the old man said happily. Reporter noticed that hung on the infusion bag beside the metal rod is much more a small electronic device, the electronic equipment is called 'infusion monitor', it is the Internet of things technology in the medical clinical and an application project. In addition to the 'people', the Internet of things technology is applied to the 'things'. According to statistics, the city people's hospital 'generate' more than 1200 kilograms of medical waste every day, about 400 tons a year. 'Once appear on the management loophole, the consequences of medical waste into the market. 'Said Chen Minya, director of the hospital information center, the application of Internet technology, has realized the monitoring in the whole process of the medical waste in hospitals. Staff to waste, weighing, the garbage to the depots, weighing again, all data automatic input system, and the garbage truck's route of 'walking' location tracking, abnormal alarm at once, as a result, the garbage is there a 'quality', ever go dirt path, be clear at a glance. Powerful Internet technology now has entered every aspect of health, like for hospital fitted with a 'wisdom mind', as 'a doctor difficult' burden. Such as newborn babies grow to about the same, the Internet of things for the baby to build an intangible net, ensure that won't be wrong. Critically ill patients in the ICU in the stomach with a sensor, every minute can collect and transfer time, once found abnormal data to intervene immediately. The patient before the operation with the smart cart, once the wrong patient, cart will automatically alarm. Even the dining room were also included in the 'net', the patient by sensing ordering system can do a 'command' chef feeding. Telemedicine, this is the direction of the future health. Relying on the Internet of things technology, wuxi exploration practice in urgent need of the masses of the medical and health services into households, are currently developing 'couplet of medical information platform' to realize hierarchical diagnosis and treatment. Home league health monitoring equipment, introduced the platform, will slow disease such as blood pressure, blood sugar self-test data automatically uploaded to the platform, associated with the background of electronic health records and electronic medical records, form a complete personal health records, through information sharing, help doctors in medical institutions at all levels more efficiently together, let patients at home can enjoy the big hospital expert clinic service. Currently the platform has been extended to the whole city by the municipal people's hospital six couplet of 'medical', service staff nearly 1000, about 10000 cumulative service patients. return
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