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The new RFID factory inventory management

by:JLTcard     2020-11-20
The background of the project outstanding factory inventory management ability is the company's top executive of the important indices for performance evaluation. Factory inventory management by manpower, cost and quality of employees, and always exist the following problems. Problem a: using scanning the barcode label and has been in use for barcode label one-on-one scanning, and the need to improve the efficiency of scanning. Problem two: bar code label easy to read and leakage loss of parts. Question 3: tag, was badly damaged and label durability problems to be solved. Problem four: the tag can't reuse. Problem five: safety performance is not high, the lack of anti-theft performance. RFID factory inventory management system structure mainly includes the electronic label, entrance guard antenna and reader, and attached to the warehouse the goods inventory management software. ( Main entrance guard control antenna as anti-theft function. When the warehouse the goods through the entrance guard control with electric label, the alarm will automatically alarm) First, you need to provide the goods for each warehouse 'identity', which gives him a record the personal information of electronic tags. In order to focus and management. Second, have all identifying input system of the project, and documented in the system ( Data collection) 。 Handheld reader can be used in the factory in a fixed time to verify the identity of 'everyone'. Inventory management factory to ensure that accurate, efficient and timely. System performance advantages: factory inventory and storage is systematic and automation. Advantage 2: bulk read labels and in a few seconds to implement inventory. Advantage 3: plane browsing, weaken the space disorder ( Powerful RFID penetration) Four advantages: RFID electronic tag can erase 100000 times repeatedly, data for ten years, special labels are not afraid of acid, alkali, high temperature, corrosion and even. Advantage five: a variety of shapes, support customization, suitable for all kinds of factory goods.
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